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Delivery of sushi sets Kyiv from Pizza House

Sushi set is an assortment of sushi and rolls, which, being traditional daily Japanese food, have gradually become favorite dishes of representatives of other nationalities. The ingredients from which they are prepared - rice, seafood, vegetables, cheese - are low in calories and very useful for a healthy diet.

To facilitate the choice and try a lot in one meal, while saturating your body with a variety of vitamins and minerals, the Japanese came up with the idea of ​​combining sushi and rolls of different types. This is what makes sets so popular in restaurants around the world.

An excellent option for large companies would be to order a sushi set with a variety of ingredients. Therefore, every day Pizza House receives calls with a desire to order a sushi set and enjoy it as soon as possible.

A team of chefs worked on each sushi set, the best combinations were chosen, which makes each sushi set individual, tasty and complemented as much as possible. Each gourmet will find a sushi set to his taste, and his company will certainly be surprised by the giant rolls and rich taste from the delivery of sushi sets to Kyiv Pizza House.

Our operators will kindly accept your order, and the courier will deliver the sushi set to any corner of Kyiv in 30 minutes.

When you want to enjoy a variety of healthy sushi set at lunch at home or in the office, arrange a romantic dinner or a party - contact us! Our sushi sets are delicious, varied and nutritious!

Benefits to order a set of sushi Kyiv from Pizza House

The network of pizzerias Pizza House - will give incredible gastronomic tastes, deliver a sushi set as quickly and profitably as possible. Our Guests have a number of advantages to choose and buy from us:
- delivery in Kyiv from 30 minutes;
- the opportunity to enjoy sushi sets in our restaurants or order pickup;
- several payment options for the order;
- a large selection of sushi sets for every taste;

-promotions for sushi sets (namely, a delicious gift is added to each sushi set

Make an order online on the Pizza House website, the Pizza House Ukraine Mobile Application, or by calling the phone number indicated on the site. Pizza House will prepare and deliver your order as quickly as possible and make your lunch or dinner delicious.

How and from what sushi and rolls are made, which are part of sushi sets

There is a common thought that sushi and rolls are one and the same, but this is not so. Their main differences are in the ingredients used and the method of preparation:
• in the first seafood (salmon, eel) always on top, and in the second mostly inside;
• sushi is made separately from each other, the roll is rolled into a roll, and then cut into 6 or 8 pieces;
• rolls are often wrapped in nori leaves, and sushi is only tied with a strip of them;
• vegetables are not put in dry land, only seafood, and everything can be combined in rolls: from vegetables and fruits to scrambled eggs and cheese.

A variety of roll is poppies. Their second name is monoroll, because, in addition to rice and nori, it contains only one ingredient - salmon, eel, avocado or cucumber.

Let's take a closer look at the difference. Sushi is a traditional dish in Japan, rice and fish are very affordable foods that are consumed daily in the diet. Previously, the word "sushi" was used for the name of fish preparations, which were preserved in rice.

As soon as sushi appeared, these improvements and changes were constantly going through. At the beginning of the 20th century, they began to make modern sushi, so loved by gourmets. The appearance and components have not changed much since then.

Now sushi is called a small kind of rice cake, which has an oval shape. Fish of different types, shrimp are placed on top of the rice. Sometimes, in order for the sushi to have a whole shape, it is wrapped with a strip of holes. Sushi in Japan is made from raw fish.

Sushi and rolls are often compared, but they are completely different dishes. Of course, the difference is insignificant, but it is. from English roll are translated as "twist". Rolls have a completely different look than sushi. When cooking, a kind of stuffed roll is first created, which is then cut into equal pieces and served on the table.

Variety of sets in Pizza House

The Pizza House company offers its guests a wide range of sushi chains with different ingredients and tastes. A wide selection will allow you to order a sushi set, which is designed for a large group of friends, a family dinner, as well as for one or two people.

All sushi is prepared by professional chefs who treat their work with responsibility and love, respect for their work. That is why from the very first bite you can immerse yourself in incredible gastronomic journeys.

Each person has his own individual preferences, so ready-made and profitable sushi chains will become a universal solution. Our experienced chefs prepare sushi, rolls, and maki. Using the invention of the Japanese - to connect them in a network - we offer you a huge selection of different combinations:
• the smallest set of sushi - Set Solo (510g) and Set Egoist (530g), combining sushi with giant rolls and maki.
• traditional sets – Philadelphia set, Dragon set, Samurai set, Tet-a-Set, Hit and Favorite.• for lovers of hot sushi - Warm set consisting of 3 hot rolls and a Japanese sandwich.
• big set for the company - Set Party De Lux (2260g)
In our menu there is a large selection of useful sets, in which everyone can find what he likes best.

What to order: sushi set or rolls?

Everyone has this question when placing an order “What is better to choose”? We recommend starting with a selection of a sushi set containing various flavors and gifts. Each sushi set is created and consists of perfectly combined flavors that complement and reveal each other.

When ordering, you should also take into account that Japanese cuisine has significant differences from ours. Do you want to travel to Japan? Just order rolls or sushi sets and spend your day tasty and healthy. The Pizza House company will deliver sushi to your door as soon as possible from 30 minutes. All you have to do is click "Add to Cart".

Today, everyone can order a sushi set in Kyiv, both in an expensive restaurant and in an ordinary cafe. Many establishments have a lot of choice in assortment and different price offers. But if you are interested in the quality, the profitability of the order and the speed of delivery, place an order directly at Pizza House.

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