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Snacks for the company

If you want to organize a friendly meeting and have a nice time with a glass of beer, you can't do it without snacks. They not only supplement and reveal the taste of the drink, but also unite the guests who gathered to spend time together. Meals that are combined with beer or wine, will be appropriate at different events: movie viewing, watching football, friday dinner, rest in the office - any informal event cannot do without drinks and snacks.
Beer lovers often prefer meat and potatoes, and cheese, meat and vegetable slices - approach the wine. Light vegetable and cheese snacks can be combined with other drinks, depending on the company and preferences. In our menu you will find a variety of hot and cold snacks that can be ordered at home and in the office.

Traditional snacks at Pizza House

In our pizzeria you will find dishes that are popular all over the world. Among them:
  • onion rings;
  • crunchies;
  • chicken wings;
  • potato slices and fries;
  • french cheese;
  • wok shrimps.
Most dishes have a bright taste and fit well with different sauces. Sliced dishes can be added to the table during a friendly meeting. Meat lovers will appreciate a plate of ham, salami and bacon, and cheese lovers will appreciate a slice of mozzarella, parmesan and dorblue. In addition to the cheese plateau there will be nuts and fragrant mint, and fresh salad leaves will be added to the meat plateau. Vegetable plate is well combined with all kinds of snacks. Fresh vegetables and shrimp wok are a great option for those who watch the figure.
If you like spicy dishes, you'll like spicy chicken wings and pork wok ears with hot peppers. Tasty flavours come from the signature garlic butter crispbreads and Buffalo's wings provide a contrast that gives a sweet and sour sauce. Potato slices and fries, onion rings and breadcrumbs are also suitable for companies that do not eat meat.

Delivery of snacks in Kyiv

At Pizza House, snacks can be ordered with home and office delivery. All dishes from the menu will be promptly delivered to any district of Kyiv, as well as to some suburban areas. You can pay online, make a cashless payment, pay in cash or by courier card.
Snack promotions:
-Place an order for snacks on your birthday and 6 days after, and receive a 22% discount on dishes!
-Pick up your order yourself and get a -22% discount on everything!
-We also give our brave heroes - military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - a 20% discount on the menu.
-And for our new Guests, we offer to download the Pizza House Ukraine application and get a 30 cm Pepperoni pizza for 100 UAH, when ordering over 500 UAH.
Any friendly meeting and gatherings with the company will become more cozy and pleasant, if the table will be a favorite snack. Visit our website and order your favorite dishes with delivery from Pizza House!
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