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Types of pasta
When we talk about Italy, we immediately think about pasta. Pasta is considered one of the main dishes of Italian cuisine, along with pizza. There are many varieties of classic Italian pastas, and everyone can find one that suits their taste.

Although pasta is considered an Italian dish, it can now be found in every country. I classify pasta according to many criteria, for example, by the type of sauce, the shape of the flour product, dry or fresh pasta. Fresh pasta is pasta that is boiled and consumed shortly after production, and dry pasta is when it has been previously dried.

Depending on the sauces, they can be divided into: Bolognese, Carbonara, Putanesca, Alia Olio and others. According to the form it can be divided into:

  • Spaghetti is the most popular and classic pasta, it looks like a cylindrical product and has a diameter of approximately 2 mm. Spaghetti is what we use to deliver our pasta.
  • Fettuccine is a flat, wide pasta that is well suited for creamy sauces as it absorbs sauce well.
  • Mafaldin is a very beautiful type of pasta that looks like flat pasta with grooved wavy edges.
  • Others, such as vermicelli, lasagna sheets, bucatini, linguine, etc.

Cooking pasta and its history
The history of pasta delivery, and in principle its appearance, begins in Sicily; back in the 12th century, pasta began to spread from Sicily throughout Europe. The Romans also rolled out the kneaded dough and made sheets, cut it and cooked it. This dish was called lagana - wide noodles.

Ancient Arabic cookbooks from the 19th century mention dry pasta. This tradition is associated with a presence in Western Sicily, where the Arab pasta-making culture was dominant.

And now, after a while, we have the opportunity to order pasta in Kyiv with delivery. Our chefs prepare 5 types of the most popular and delicious pastas that will appeal to all pasta lovers.

  • The first name that comes to mind when mentioning pasta, and a dish that is on all Italian restaurant menus, is Carbonara. You can order Carbonara in any of our restaurants, or for delivery.
  • Another classic Italian pasta is Bolognese. If you like tomato sauce with minced meat and want to order delicious pasta in Kyiv, then this is definitely about Bolognese pasta from Pizza House.
  • Chicken pasta – creamy sauce and tender chicken fillet. Order Italian pasta with delivery.
  • Pasta with Prosciutto is an exquisite pasta that will please every gourmet.
  • Pasta with seafood. For those who prefer seafood over meat, we recommend ordering pasta with seafood.

Pasta with delivery
If you want to order pasta in Kyiv, Pizza House is always happy to help you with this, we will be happy to prepare the best pasta for you with delivery in Kyiv.

Pasta is a dish that is best eaten fresh. Therefore, our delivery service does everything in our power to ensure that your pasta is delivered to your home as quickly as possible. To order classic Italian pasta, you need to do just a couple of steps - go to the Pizza House Ukraine website or app and place an order, and all that remains is to wait for the delivery of delicious Carbonara pasta, with seafood or whatever you want.

Our main principles in the preparation and delivery of pasta are cleanliness and sanitation, fast delivery, delicious dishes and customer gastronomic pleasure. We value the client’s trust and therefore we prepare and deliver each serving of pasta according to these principles and standards established at Pizza House.

You can also order pasta for pickup from any of our cafes. When ordering for pickup, you receive a 25% discount on the entire order, except for auction dishes and alcohol. Be in the black with Pizza House!

Our advantages
We prepare every dish from under the knife so that you enjoy the freshness and quality of every bite of your dish. A large assortment of not only pastas, but also the entire menu will allow you to try something new every day, and for pasta lovers, we also have a choice of 6 items.

Another important factor for choosing Pizza House over other establishments is unpleasant prices. Arrange delivery of pasta to any district of Kyiv. There is also a very advantageous offer: when ordering over 500 UAH, delivery is free!

Pizza House also has great deals on pasta. Pasta discounts include:
-Discount on Birthday and 6 days after -22%!
-Pickup promotion – 22%!
-Pepperoni pizza for 100 UAH when registering in the application.
-5% cashback on orders through the app.
-There is also a great discount on pizza. Every second pizza 40 cm – 40%.

You can pick up your dish for pickup with a 22% discount! There are still many profitable promotions available online that will delight not only you, but also your wallet.

Order delicious real Italian pasta from Pizza House!

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