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Grill delivery in Kiev: Grill menu

Sooner or later, the desire to eat a delicious juicy dish only increases. For some people, a satisfying meal is enough to give themselves a charge of vivid emotions for the whole day and spend it with full productivity.

A hungry person who is tired of eating typical store-bought dumplings or semi-finished products probably often thinks of soft, aromatic meat with a crispy crust, cooked over a live fire under the supervision of experienced specialists. It's time to surprise your stomach and delight your receptors with new spectra of unique taste.

Each client living in Kiev can pamper himself and use the service to buy grilled food in Kiev . Since 2008, the Pizza House food delivery service has been pleasing its visitors with excellent service and a large catalog of a varied menu.

To always remain the leader in the delivery of delicious grilled food, the organization maintains 4 basic principles that leave the client always satisfied and satiated:

  • regular customers periodically return to try again to order the most delicious and interesting menu in all of Kiev;
  • a lot of filling is always added to each dish in order to keep the customers satiated and satisfied;
  • promptness of cooking and delivery of food directly to the address at exactly the designated time;
  • the great love of the whole team for their clients allows them to radiate only friendliness and care at all stages of cooperation.

The official website is divided into specific sections, where menus of various expensive and budget dishes are placed. If the user decides to order grilled food in Kiev , then make sure of the constant discount offers that allow you to save money and eat up in large quantities.

Among the promotions on the grill menu we have the following:

  • On your birthday and 6 days after, we give a 22% discount on the entire menu.
  • If you want to pick up your order yourself, we will give you a 22% discount!
  • Also, when placing orders through the application, you will receive a 5% cashback, and when registering for the first time in the application, you will receive a 30 cm Pepperoni pizza.
  • We give military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine a 20% discount on their order.

For more convenient management of their orders, the client is invited to go through a quick registration procedure. This will allow you to save the selected orders in the "Basket" and pay with pre-selected payment details.

Grilled food delivery in Kiev takes place on a prepaid order in various convenient ways:

  • by cash;
  • by cashless payment through the terminal upon receipt;
  • online on the website before shipping;
  • there is also a cashless payment for legal entities.

To place an order, it is enough to choose any presented dish from the grill menu in Kiev . Later, decide on the number of servings and, in a new window, fill in your personal details for home delivery.

Assortment of food

The food delivery service in Kiev immediately realized that even with good service, no one was going to order bad food even for free. Therefore, the company employs highly qualified chefs with extensive cooking experience.

Variety of meat dishes

If the user wants to order food made on live fire, then in the list of the main menu, you can choose a large number of different dishes:

  • grill seabass;
  • grilled pork;
  • grilled salmon steak ;
  • pork medallions.

Each of the listed types of grilled meat , through the picture, is able to convey all the unforgettable aroma of wildlife and professionalism in a combination of various spices. From the first minutes, the client will be confused in the choice, because absolutely all grilled meat is made with good serving and an excellent combination of different ingredients.

Delicious cooked vegetables

Lovers of vegetable dishes should not be upset, because the main menu also includes well-cooked grilled vegetables on live fire. The ideal browning time allows the vegetables to melt in your mouth. This dish allows you to feel the full spectrum of taste, because it includes:

  • fresh chopped champignons;
  • sweet young peppers;
  • soft ripe zucchini;
  • broccoli.

Just by pressing a couple of buttons, the client will taste the spicy dish from the chef, which has been prepared professionally and with soul. Particular attention can be paid to serving the dish, because each individual ingredient lies in a strictly designated place.

Grilled fresh fish

Often fish is also exposed to the grill, so PizzaHouse also includes unique, beautiful fish dishes in its menu. Grilled fish leaves only warm and positive emotions behind.

Let the client taste each dish separately and understand that the hand of the master is solely behind the cooking. 

The official website provides accurate information on the cost and volume of each dish sold. If one portion is not enough for the user, then with one click you can increase their number. If you wish, you can read the full composition of any dish you like from the menu. To do this, just hover the mouse cursor over the image or just click on the photo.

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