With which products do Italians eat pizza?

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With which products do Italians eat pizza?

The Italians are quite conservative in food, so they prefer pizza in the classic form without unnecessary additives. However, the Italians think that pizza is not so healthy dish as pasta, even when only natural products are used for its preparation.

Features of the national nutrition in Italy
To understand with what kind of food Italians eat their national dish, you need to understand their overall approach to food:
they go to restaurants with families, the situation there for eating is more comfortable;

  • make the modest and accurate selection of food, which then follow over the years;
  • do not miss the dinner and visit the nearest cafe;
  • do not eat in hurry and do not have a snack at their workplace;
  • do not dilute  food  with plenty of fluids, because they believe it is harmful;
  • order mineral water for a  pizza to prevent the interruption of taste;
  • eat only fish from the nearest sea areas;
  • are picky to the choice of products, choose only the freshest components;
  • eat pizza, which is cooked in wood ovens;
  • eat pizza for supper with a salad or antipasto (one pizza for one person).

Despite tradition, unified Italian cuisine does not exist. Each region has its own unique dishes with specific features. Even classical recipes like Margarita or Mozzarella vary, it depends on the geographic location.

The most popular types of pizzas among Italians
Italians love pizza with ingredients like Mozzarella, Parmesan, local fish, garlic, tomatoes, olives and oil. Often add oregano and basil, anchovies, capers, artichokes, sweet and hot peppers, as well as sharp sausages. Italians love chocolate paste, which is used for the preparation of pizza.
All products are characterized by the availability and low price, these preferences are not formed accidently. Long-term there was financial modesty of Naples population, the birthplace of pizza, it became a catalyst for the creation at the same time delicious and inexpensive meals.
Most popular types are Marinara and Margarita,which composition is protected by European legislation. Also Four Cheese and Four Seasons are popular among Italians. Quadro Stadzhione - it is an interesting solution to eat inexpensively and with a variety, to avoid the mix of tastes. On each of the four parts of the cake can be a combination of olives and artichokes, spicy salami with tomatoes, cheese and tomato sauce or mushrooms with cooked eggs.
Sophisticated and abundant toppings are not good neither for cooks nor for consumers. Any globalization and innovation are broken by unbeaten and conservative love of Italians to their own kitchen.