Recipe pizza Tartarini

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Recipe pizza Tartarini

Pizza Tartarini - it's a great combination of fresh vegetables and premium juicy meat.
The composition of pizza Tartarini includes:

  • dough according to original recipe;
  • ham;
  • tender smoked chicken breast;
  • mushrooms;
  • Bolgarian pepper;
  • Cheese Feta;
  • Mozzarella cheese;
  • Tartar sauce;
  • Fragrant dill;
  • A special set of spices.

How to prepare pizza Tartarini:

  • dough is laid out on a board and is greased with delicious tartar sauce;
  • on top of the sauce ingredients  are laid in a strict order: Mozzarella cheese, vegetables, ham, smoked chicken breast, Feta cheese;
  • pizza is placed in the oven until it is cooked;
  • after baking the masterpiece of culinary art is complemented  with fragrant dill.

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