Pizza Recipe Gifts Ocean

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Pizza Recipe Gifts Ocean

Pizza Gifts Ocean – is a royal gift for every connoisseur of seafood in their best culinary performance.
The composition of pizza gifts Ocean include:

  • thick dought according to original recipe;
  • octopuses;
  • squids;
  • mussels;
  • king prawn;
  • "snow crab";
  • lemon;
  • Emmental cheese;
  • Mozzarella cheese;
  • tomato-creamy sauce;
  • a special set of spices.

How to prepare Pizza Gifts Ocean:

  • prepared dough is greased with  tomato-creamy sauce and spices;
  • put the ingredients in this order: Mozzarella cheese, marinated seafood in spices, shrimps, "snow crab";
  • pizza goes in the oven until  it is cooked;
  • After baking pizza complement with lemon, fresh greenery and grated Emmental cheese.

Try this and other pizza.

Have a good appetite!