Why is pepperoni pizza so called?

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Why is pepperoni pizza so called?

Pizza has been a popular dish in many countries for a long time, moreover, when you mention about it to person, who is not hungry, the appetite reappears. Today there is a wide variety of this dish. When you choose, you can’t  fix your gaze on any one thing and it becomes difficult to find the most suitable option. When you are not an expert and do not have time to try all sorts of fillings, at first, you should try the classics. Pepperoni has become a classic type since a long time, and at the same time it is able to satisfy the wish to get sharp feelings better than other types.

What means Pepperoni?

The word "pepperoni" is translated as "pepper", in this case it refers to sharp chili and sweet spicy pepper . When in some provinces of Italy you order pepperoni, you can get a pizza with vegetables and pepper, without meat. Italians always have the attitude towards preparation of the national dishes with all their heart. They improved basic recipe in a lot of aspects and create various options and experiments. However independently from the variety of fillings, the first violin always plays a red pepper. And  all  these seemingly simple recipes of pizza every skilled chef is not able to perform.

Secrets of pepperoni pizza

The secret is in the process of cooking a pizza - original flavored salami from southern Italy, smoked Naples sausage or Sopressata. The level of spiciness of the ready dish should respond to «Pizza alla diavola» in order to every native italian could  recognize true Pepperoni. A shortcake for real pepperoni is made from a special Italian flour, which is prepared with the use of large amounts of egg protein. That’s why the cake becomes so thin after baking process . The second important point consists in pizza’s quickly preparation, because thinly sliced ​​sausages should not become dry. In addition to the basic ingredients , the spicy memorable taste of dishes form the following ingredients:

  • freshly made mustard sauce;
  • mozzarella cheese;
  • special blend of spices;
  • sweet pepper;
  • champignons

Italians combine salami with their special shortcake skillfully .
Spicy and satisfying dish with mushrooms quickly conquered the whole world, especially America and Canada. In these countries, pizza is a leader in the field of fast food and restaurant business.
American craftsmen popularized Pepperoni and released it  under the title as not only the pizza with this ingredient, but also as a special kind of salami. The american version says that salami is made from several kinds of meat, while the italian version says that salami is made exclusively from pork. Also, americans prepare to replace spicy chili peppers to banana in the pizza  .
In the pizzeria Pizzahouse our pizzaiolo prepare pizza with all traditional Italian nuances. That's why you have possibility to try our true Italian dishes.