Why pizza is called Margarita?

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Why pizza is called Margarita?

Pizza  is a national treasure of Italians. Today this dish is prepared in their homeland with such an awe and diligence that the taste is ahead of all its analogues in other countries. It deserves to go to Italy at least one more time to enjoy the true Italian cuisine. As for cooking, you need to know how to cook this dish with the respect and preservation of all the nuances, which belong to recipe. Pizzaiolas follow  these principles during their work in Pizzahouse.
You can order a variety options of true Italian pizzas, which include classic pizza Margarita.

Pizza Margarita - a symbol of Italy and of the national spirit

The main components of the pizza Margarita - a yeast cake, freshly made tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. At first, pizza was prepared by simple Italian families, it was long time ago before it became popular among the aristocracy. The literal translation of the dish is "bread from the oven, covered with stuffing."
In 1889, Italian King Umberto I with Margaret Savoyskaja, during their time in Naples, wanted to try the local specialties. Three options were proposed and the  queen was conquered by the pizza’s taste with patriotic flag which had the color of the country. When she tried pizza with red tomatoes, white cheese and green basil, the queen wrote a thank you note to baker-inventor Esposito. It was so flattering to pizzaiolo that he called his creation in honor of the Queen - Margarita.
After that, the pizza Margarita was served in the palace. It quickly gained its popularity in high society and forever earned the title of the most exquisite.

Unique Italian ingredients are the key to success

Margarita is considered the national dish and its recipe is protected by European legislation. The recipe includes a few interesting nuances itself:

  • the thin yeast cake which is made with Italian flour, rich in proteins;
  • classical mozzarella (it firstly started to make Saracens in the 15th century from buffalo milk);
  • tomatoes (initially yellow, were brought to Europe from America, the name "tomatoes" was brought by Italians for red tomatoes).

During the long years the recipe of Margarita was perfected by many legendary pizzaiolos. During this time there were experiments with adding more melting cheese for covering a body of the dishes. Also more tomatoes were added to the stuffing and cakes were backed with a certain amount of greenery.
The American version of Margarita is similar to other pizzas, it is baked with a thicker shortcake and high sides for more toppings. Margarita is a favorite food of vegetarians and foodies who prefer to eat without meat. Due to the high degree of nutritional qualities everyone can be sated with that dish.