Why do clients choose us?

By all counts

Why do clients choose us?

Pizza House pampers its customers with delicious inexpensive meals, getting ready for original recipes, developed by our chef. Couriers will deliver the order quickly, and call-center managers will answer for all your questions. In this article, we would like to talk about several important advantages of our company.

Only fresh products

The dish, that you selected, begins to prepare immediately after order confirmation. We do not accept any half-stuff, we don’t prepare dishes "with reserve".  For cooking we use natural fresh ingredients without any harmful additives. The best proof of usefulness our dishes is the fact, that we have a lot of orders of dishes for children's parties. Pizza House has also an assortment of children's menu - so our small customers get delicious food and a pleasant surprise.
Our dishes are prepacked into clean paper packages and are delivered as soon as possible. Therefore, taking an order from a courier, you can be sure - the food is the freshest!

Caring for vegetarians

In recent years, vegetarianism has become increasingly popular, especially among young people. Such a nutrition is primarily a concern for healthy lifestyle, being fit is now in trend too. However, not all cafes, restaurants and delivery services have at least some variety in the vegetarian menu. We take care of people, who don't eat meat. In our vegetarian menu - rolls, pizza, salads, noodles, potatoes, fruit salad is for dessert. Menu will be important in the fasting month - just choose and order the dish for you.

Create your own pizza!

Everyone can feel like a real pizza maker, trying to choose the ingredients by yourself. For the gourmet selection  are 7 kinds of cheese, 4 types of fish and seafood, 8 kinds of meat, 9 types of fresh and canned fruits and vegetables, pickled and fresh mushrooms and a variety of spices and greenery. In addition, every pizza can be changed by adding edges with


Sauces for every meal

After seasoning dish with sauce, you will have a completely different gastronomic experience. Sauces, even for the most unleavened meal, will add a spicy hint. In Pizza House, we offer options such as Blue Cheese sauce, walnut Gamadari or tartar sauce. Totally, 13 types of sauces are available for order.
Japanese cuisine is compulsorily equipped with all necessary sauces, and recommended sauce to the pizza can be replaced by every other totally free.

It is easy to order and pay

It is nothing easier than to make an order in Pizza House. Minimal order at us costs  120grn, and you can order food until midnight from Sunday to Thursday and until 02:00 on Friday and Saturday. Pizzerias are working seven days a week - during the holidays you do not have to stand at the stove. Our site has a version in Russian, Ukrainian and English languages, so that nobody will have problems with the order.
Your telephone number is recorded in the database, where is all the information about you - the delivery address, the percentage discounts, preferences and special requests. The more and more you order, the greater is the discount, which is calculated automatically. If you lose a discount card, all the data would easily be recovered from the database.
Delivery in the city is free of charge and takes in average about an hour. We took care of nonresidents, who often have difficulties  with order of everything to house - our service extends beyond Kiev and Kharkov. The payment  for order can be in cash, by credit card, via WebMoney electronic payment system and with the help of the outbound terminal.

Promotions, discounts and gift certificates

Loyalty pricing policy in Pizza House  give a possibility to order delicious food for people with all incomes. However, for your benefit, we have developed a system of discounts and regularly carry out various actions.
For members of our groups on Facebook and Vkontakte,  is made a special promotion. No "pitfalls" or requirements to bring friends to get a discount – you should be just a member of the group.
In 2017 we celebrate 9 years. All these years, the team was listening carefully to your needs, studing the preferences and tastes and constantly changing and improving  the menu and services. Supported by us a high level of quality confirm our loyal customers.
Enjoy delicious Japanese, European and Italian cuisine and remember  that every customer  is VIP for us!