New packaging for sushi in the «Pizza House»

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New packaging for sushi in the «Pizza House»

«Pizza House» during preparing food use only high-quality products: Nishiki Japanese rice, fresh vegetables, salmon from Norwegian producers. It is important for us that clients who visit pizzeria and order a meal delivery were able to evaluate the taste of Japanese cuisine. That is why we have developed a new package that will keep all the quality of our dishes.

The eco-friendly choice
We care about health of our customers and the environment, so the packaging is made of paper – it is easily recyclable material, does not pollute our beautiful planet. For images edible paints are used, and the inner surface is safely laminated with special material, that allows the boxes not to get wet, and not to skip the fat.
During the manufacture of boxes all European quality standards are complied. In packages dishes retain all their flavor and come to customers fresh and fragrant. Contributes to this our fast delivery too: in Kiev, Kharkov the average waiting time for courier lasts 1 hour.

Bright and cheerful package
Pretty neat package for sushi is decorated with bright icons of Japanese cuisine, which we prepare- soups, rice, rolls, fish and sushi.  A box looks like a colorful chest, inside which fresh, delicious rolls are prepared by our cooks with love and care of customers.
Icon Facebook remind our customers that «Pizza House» users of these social networks offer special promotional conditions. Well, when you want to order fast food too, there is no need to look for our contact - our phone numbers and website addresses are printed directly on boxes.

Quality guarantees Director
For leadership in «Pizza House» the concern for customers satisfaction has  primary importance. On our site there is a form of direct communication with director. All complaints and comments come to the personal mail of the head. The director  works on them as quickly as possible and on individual order too.
If for some reason you are not satisfied with the quality of product or level of service, please immediately notify us. There is a green sticker with the words "quality guarantees director" on every pizza box – it is not just a beautiful decorative element. We guarantee that your complaint will not "hang" somewhere on the administrator level and reach the Director, who will personally solve the problem.
Pizza House. Every client is for us VIP!