What differs Italian pizza from USA pizza?

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What differs Italian pizza from USA pizza?

The national italian dish pizza appeared in America in the 19th century and soon became popular among the locals. So as in Italy, this dish became available to poorer sections of the population and many owners of fast-food chains have adopted  simple and nutritious recipes. During this time, the American version of pizza, different to Italian, had many changes.

Differences of Italian pizza from the USA pizza

Now in America it can be easy to find real Italian pizza in specialized institutions. Various options of the classic pizza, which were made during long time, turned it into something fantastic. Italians themselves do not think that the USA option of their dish is a bad fake, because too much ingredients are opposite to their traditions. This develops independently a new dish.
There are some major differences from American pizza and the Italian:

  • flour (flour should be with high amount of gluten to form a thin cake , that type of flour is adopted around Naples);
  • dough (Americans used the yeast to prepare the dough , as a result, the dish is more loose and sweet);
  • Basil (mainly used to Italian dishes for cooking);
  • Italians try  to add no more than 3-4 ingredients;
  • Americans make higher sides to put more toppings into pizza ;
  • In American option may be different types of cheese in almost all kinds of  food;
  • Americans olives  are larger;
  • Americans option of the pizza - this dish is with white sauce and hard cheese, tomatoes and mozzarella are additives; Italians have the opposite option ;
  • Pepperoni salami is the invention of Americans, it is made with several types of meat;
  • Mushrooms, cucumbers, cabbage, eggs, mustard and even burgers – in classical Italian products all this is not available ;
  • Americans often replace olive oil with sunflower oil;
  • Basically  ingredients for American pizza are bacon, chicken barbecue and smoked brisket.

The difference in the preparation process

The real Italian pizza is cooked in Italy. The idea of ​​this dish does not include only the exquisite combination of ingredients, but also the fact that for its preparation use only natural products which are grown in the nearest surroundings. Just a few ingredients with unique and rich taste create a flavoring composition,which is  capable to satisfy the most demanding gourmet or a person with  high sensitivity to the slightest nuances of taste.