Vega menu delivery in Kyiv by Pizza House

Vega menu

Pizza House / Vega menu
Fried rice with vegetables - photo
Consist: Rice, beans, soy sauce, Unagi sauce, green onion, sesame, onion, champignons, carrots, sweet pepper, care.
Fried rice with vegetables
200 g / 39 UAH
Soup Broccoli - photo
Consist: Broccoli cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, croutons.
Soup Broccoli
300 g / 45 UAH
Potato fri - photo
Consist: Potato fri, ketchup (50 g), a drop of success.
Potato fri
150 g / 39 UAH
Vegetable mix - photo
Consist: Lettuce, cucumbers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, blue onion, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, power of joy.
Vegetable mix
250 g / 65 UAH
Salad Chuka Sarada - photo
Consist: Chuka Seaweed, oranges, lettuce, sesame, walnut sauce (50 g), a little glamor.
Salad Chuka Sarada
150 g / 79 UAH
Sushi Chuka  - photo
Consist: Rice, Chuka seaweed, nori, sesame seeds, a little of tenderness.
Sushi Chuka
30 g / 20 UAH
Sushi Avocado - photo
Consist: Rice, avocado, Unagi sauce, sesame seeds, nori, peace of mind.
Sushi Avocado
35 g / 25 UAH
Roll Cucumber - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, cucumber, sesame, ordinary miracle.
Roll Cucumber
120 g / 39 UAH
Roll Chuka - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, seaweed Chuka, sesame, peace of mind.
Roll Chuka
115 g / 49 UAH
Roll Avocado - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, avocado, sweet memories.
Roll Avocado
115 g / 49 UAH
Roll Yasay jaki - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, lettuce, cucumber, sweet peppers, tomatoes, green onion, a drop of goodness.
Roll Yasay jaki
175 g / 69 UAH
Sushi-set Vega - photo
Consist: Roll Yasai jaki, roll Cucumber, roll Avocado, roll Chuka,sushi Avocado (2 pcs.) , sushi Chuka (2 pcs.). (30 pcs.)
Sushi-set Vega
655 g / 249 UAH
Pizza Vega - photo
Consist: Pizza sauce, Tofu cheese, champignons, tomatoes, beans, soy sauce, love and care.
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Pizza Vega
Ø30 / 665 g / 150 UAH Ø40 / 1115 g / 209 UAH
Pizza Vegetarian lean  - photo
Consist: Pizza sauce, Tofu cheese, champignons, tomatoes, sweet pepper, corn, onions, olives, greenery, sea of health.
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Pizza Vegetarian lean
Ø30 / 680 g / 170 UAH Ø40 / 985 g / 235 UAH

Pizza House works for everyone

Everyone can form their own ration by themselves. Someone eats "junk" food with pleasure, someone choose a healthy lifestyle. Some people eat meat and some avoid it. We support you in every your decision, because our doors are opened to everyone. We want to please every visitor with our choice of dishes. That is the reason why Pizza House has a separate page of vegetarian dishes. No preferences for "meat-eaters" are not given: in your part of the menu are dishes with different content and taste. Japanese or Italian cuisine, salads, pizza and sushi - both vegetarians and those who observe fasting can enjoy all this yummy.

Fasting menu from Pizza House

Vegetarian dishes (only when you do not support a complete rejection  of animal food, in sence you are not "vegan") and meatless dishes are not an identical concepts, as many believe. The most vegetarians do not eat only meat, while people, who have a fast, should refuse from all types of animal food, including dairy products (cheese, eggs, butter). In menu,which is created specially for you, has both vegetarian and meatless dishes:

  • pizza;
  • rolls;
  • salads;
  • baked potato.

Pizza House: aspiration to excellence

We are open to any suggestions, wishes and criticism, we ask you to leave your feedback about our work and tasty (are not they?) dishes. Your comments will help us to correct mistakes and to improve ourselves, your praise will give us a stimulus to become better, for potential guests and customers -  to choose Japanese and Italian food delivery service. Do you "Try" us the first time? Then we say with a confidence: "See you soon!".