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Soup Broccoli - photo
Consist: Broccoli cabbage, potatoes, onions, carrots, croutons.
Soup Broccoli
300 g / 45 UAH
Chicken soup with noodles - photo
Consist: Chicken broth, chicken breast, udon noodles, quail egg, onion, garlic, greenery, home comfort.
Chicken soup with noodles
300 g / 49 UAH
Cheese cream soup with mushrooms - photo
Consist: Milk, Mozzarella cheese, cream, potatoes, onion, champignons, greenery and harmony of the soul.
Cheese cream soup with mushrooms
300 g / 59 UAH
Mushroom cream soup - photo
Consist: Milk, potatoes, cream, onion, champignons, toasts, greenery, a drop of tenderness.
Mushroom cream soup
300 g / 59 UAH
Miso soup - photo
Consist: Miso paste, Tofu cheese,seaweed Wakame, hondashy, sesame, a drop of tenderness. Miso-paste, cheese Tofu, seaweed Wakame, hondashi, sesame.  
Miso soup
300 g / 39 UAH
Miso soup with chicken - photo
Consist: Miso paste,Tofu cheese,seaweed Wakame, chicken breast, hondashy, sesame, a little of inspiration. Miso-paste, cheese Tofu, seaweed Wakame, chicken breast, hondashi, sesame.  
Miso soup with chicken
300 g / 55 UAH
Soup Oyamy - photo
Consist: Udon noodles, chicken breast, champignons, sesame, green onion, egg, soy sauce, good intentions.
Soup Oyamy
300 g / 55 UAH
Miso soup Sake Tesi - photo
Consist: Miso broth, cream, noodles Udon, salmon, sesame, green onion, creamy tenderness.
Miso soup Sake Tesi
300 g / 89 UAH
Miso soup with salmon - photo
Consist: Miso paste, Tofu cheese, seaweed Wakame, salmon, hondashy, sesame, good intentions. Miso-paste, cheese Tofu, seaweed Wakame, salmon, hondashi, sesame.  
Miso soup with salmon
300 g / 89 UAH
Miso soup with shrimp - photo
Consist: Miso paste, Tofu cheese, seaweed Wakame, shrimps, hondashy, sesame, care and strength.
Miso soup with shrimp
300 g / 89 UAH
Miso with eel - photo
Consist: Miso paste, Tofu cheese, seaweed Wakame, eel, hondashy, sesame, sweet memories.
Miso with eel
300 g / 95 UAH

Soups – usefulness and taste

Since childhood, we talked about benefits of the first courses and their need for ration of every human organism, especially for growing. Most of us were knocking with  spoons and refused to eat "tasteless" soups and borschts. Typically, with age, everything changes and we eat first courses with pleasure, which are  familiar from childhood, as well as exotic, which have gained the popularity in our country in recent years.

Miso soup - a gift from Japan

Miso soups, presented at this page, fall into the second category. This traditional Japanese dish, which  is cooked everywhere in  Japan, can have some differences in the formula. But what always remains the same - it is the basis, in fact, "miso", is simply - soybean paste. Other standard ingredients for  miso:

  • fish  bouillon dashi (tuna shavings, dried anchovies, kelp plate);
  • tofu (is not required in the classic recipe);
  • wakame sea vegetable.

Further variations are at your discretion. And our fantasies about miso  were demonstrated at photos in all their beauty. For your choice a soup with eel, salmon, tuna or assorti- with shrimps, scallops and salmon.

Miso soup and etiquette
Usually japanese people  drink the bouillon firstly and then eat all the "meaty" dish content with chopsticks . You can do the same , when  you would like rather not to satisfy hunger  but to  follow the  ancient traditions. To sip is  accepted during the eating, but it is at your discretion.
If you are  so inspired of miso  from Pizza House and decide to prepare something similar, we warn you: do not store and don’t boil miso soup  for a long time , cook a portion to eat at once. Well, if it seems a little , and  there will be no wish to cook it one more time - we are looking forward to your visit or call to Pizza House! We feed quickly and tasty.