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Set Nevada - photo
Consist: Pig ears, Branded rusks, Potato wedges, Onion rings.
Set Nevada
500 g / 239 UAH
Set  Kansas - photo
Consist: Pork ribs, Onion rings, Fried potato, Branded rusks
Set Kansas
650 g / 299 UAH
Set  Michigan - photo
Consist: Potato wedges, Homemade sausage, Pig ears, Cheese sticks.
Set Michigan
600 g / 319 UAH
Set  Dakota - photo
Consist: Pork ribs, Branded rusks, Potato wedges, Chicken hot wings.
Set Dakota
800 g / 329 UAH
Set  Texas - photo
Consist: Homemade sausage, Buffalo wings, Chicken hot wings, Pork ribs.
Set Texas
950 g / 439 UAH
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