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Set Montana - photo
Consist: Branded rusks, potato wedges, cheese sticks, onion rings
Set Montana
600 g / 320 UAH
Set Florida - photo
Consist: Buffalo wings, chicken nuggets, potato wedges, branded rusks
Set Florida
750 g / 370 UAH
Set  Texas - photo
Consist: Juicy sausage, Tender buffalo wings, Chicken nuggets, Pork ears Wok
Set Texas
850 g / 530 UAH

Delivery of a set of snacks for beer at Pizza House

Beer set is a mix of different beer snacks. A large plate of various snacks and nuggets will come in handy for a large company. A serving is designed for several people and includes at least four ingredients, so everyone can choose the appetizer they like. Such dishes are especially popular for friendly parties, movie and football screenings. Sets are indispensable at events in which beer lovers participate.

Sets of appetizers allow not only to diversify the table, but also to save money. The larger the portion, the more favorable its price, as you can see by opening the Pizza House menu. Snacks prepared in our pizzeria will help satisfy hunger and create a warm atmosphere in a friendly company. 

Pizza House Snack Assortment

In the menu of our pizzeria you will find several types of beer sets, which include popular and favorite dishes:

  • French fries;
  • buffalo wings;
  • onion rings;
  • cheese sticks;
  • pork ears;
  • branded croutons;
  • homemade sausage;
  • pork ribs.

Almost all of these snacks are served hot and can be varied with different sauces. The peculiarity of beer sets is that they are easy to eat, most of them do not require the use of cutlery. Thanks to this, you can not be distracted from the conversation, keep the conversation going and pay attention to the company.

Fried chicken wings are considered one of the best beer snacks in the world. Juicy, well-done meat complements the taste of the drink. This dish takes a long time to prepare, but with Pizza House you can get a hot and juicy appetizer very quickly. The world's top beer snacks also include crackers and onion rings, which are natural and affordable. Beer connoisseurs love fries, which melt during preparation, and potatoes, which go well with any sauces.

In our sets you will find the world's best snacks and you can enjoy the set with the company at any time.

Delivery of sets of snacks from Pizza House

If you want to plan a friendly party, you can order a beer set in advance in our pizzeria. An order can be placed on any day, so even a spontaneous decision about a party will be realized thanks to Pizza House. Delivery is possible across Kiev and the suburbs. You can pay for your order by card or cash upon receipt, as well as by bank transfer and online on the website. When placing an order with us, you get a number of advantages:

  • varied menu;
  • prompt delivery;
  • promotions and bonuses.

A beer set of your favorite snacks is a guarantee that even an ordinary evening with the company will be warm and pleasant, and your friends will be satisfied. Choose sets for beer in the Pizza House menu and order them with delivery to your home and office!

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