Sauces delivery in Kyiv by Pizza House


10 g / 7 UAH
25 g / 10 UAH
Soy sauce
50 g / 10 UAH
50 g / 12 UAH
Tartar sauce
50 g / 15 UAH
50 g / 12 UAH
Sauce Barbecue
50 g / 15 UAH
Garlic sause
50 g / 15 UAH
Unagi Sauce
50 g / 15 UAH
Sauce Blue cheese
50 g / 15 UAH
Peanut sauce Gamadari
50 g / 19 UAH
Spice Sauce
50 g / 19 UAH
Sauce Pesto
50 g / 19 UAH

Sauces in Pizza House

We offer you more than a dozen of sauces, each is the best to certain dishes, we show it below:

  • ginger;
  • soy sauce;
  • wasabi;
  • tartar;
  • blue cheese;
  • gadamari walnut sauce;
  • spice sauce;
  • barbecue sauce;
  • ketchup;
  • japanese mayonnaise.

The expansion and renewal of the range is possible!

A mission of sauces
Sauces,which are mentioned above, can be divided into several groups with a combination of their common features. For example, ginger, soy sauce and spice, wasabi and Japanese mayonnaise are main "followers" of sushi menu. We  paid attention to wide number of sauces,because one of the major focus in our culinary activity is to prepare sushi and rolls.
Creamy sauce tartar, blue cheese, mustard dressing are suitable for various dishes. Classic French tartare is served almost to everything: meat, vegetables, fish and seafood. Blue cheese combines well with fish, fried chicken, baked vegetables.
Popular in Thai cuisine peanut sauce is often served to chicken and to shrimps.
Do not deny yourself in the opportunity to multiply the pleasure of taste for ordered food: order a spicy sauce from our menu,which is suitable for your order.