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Sandwich with bacon - photo
Consist: Panini wheat ,Caesar sauce, cucumber, tomato, onion blue, bacon, iceberg
Sandwich with bacon
300 g / 79 UAH
Sandwich with ham - photo
Consist: Panini wheat, Caesar sauce, cucumber, tomato,blue onion , ham, iceberg
Sandwich with ham
300 g / 79 UAH
Sandwich with salami - photo
Consist: Panini wheat , creamy cheese, cucumber, tomato, blue onion, salami, iceberg
Sandwich with salami
300 g / 85 UAH
Sandwich with chicken - photo
Consist: Panini wheat, garlic sauce, Pesto sauce, cucumber, tomato, blue onion , baked chicken breast, iceberg
Sandwich with chicken
300 g / 85 UAH
 Japanese sandwich - photo
Consist: Nori, rice, cream cheese, salmon, avocado, tempura batter, unagi sauce, sesame seeds. Nori, rice, cream cheese, masago caviar, salmon, avocados, tempura batter, sesame, unagi sauce
Japanese sandwich
220 g / 129 UAH

Sandwich is a kind of sandwich. Consists of two or more slices of bread and one or more layers of meat and other fillings. In large cities, the sandwich has become an integral part of the culture of food. Sandwich is often taken to work at school or even at a picnic. It should be noted that in many parts of the world there are many analogues of the sandwich.

Assortment of sandwiches in "Pizza House"

1. Sandwich with bacon.

Sandwich with paperoni.

3. Sandwich with ham.

4. Sandwich with chicken.


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