Salats delivery in Kyiv by Pizza House


Salad Olivier - photo
Consist: Lettuce, potatoes, carrots, eggs, peas, ham, pickles,greenery, mayonnaise, love forever.
Salad Olivier
250 g / 55 UAH
Salad Vegetable mix - photo
Consist: Lettuce, cucumbers, sweet pepper, tomatoes, blue onion, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, power of joy.
Salad Vegetable mix
250 g / 65 UAH
Salad-coctail with ham and cheese  - photo
Consist: Lettuce, cucumbers, egg, ham, Mozzarella cheese, sweet pepper, mayonnaise, creamy tenderness.
Salad-coctail with ham and cheese
250 g / 75 UAH
Salad Tasty  - photo
Consist: Lettuce, Mozzarella cheese, chicken breast, tomatoes, croutons, mayonnaise, a bit of magic.
Salad Tasty
250 g / 79 UAH
Salad Bolonia - photo
Consist: Lettuce, cucumbers, ham, chicken breast, egg, Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise, broth from love.
Salad Bolonia
250 g / 82 UAH
Greek salad - photo
Consist: Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes,sweet peppers, Feta cheese, olive oil, olives, blue onion, balsamic vinegar, aroma of holidays.
Greek salad
250 g / 79 UAH
Salad Chuka Sarada  - photo
Consist: Chuka Seaweed, orange, sesame, walnut sauce (50 g), a little of glamour.
Salad Chuka Sarada
150 g / 79 UAH
Salad San Remo - photo
Consist: Lettuce, sweet pepper, tongue, pickled mushrooms, bacon, cucumber, egg, Mozzarella cheese, mayonnaise, pleasant thoughts.
Salad San Remo
250 g / 89 UAH
Salad Caesar with chicken - photo
Consist: Lettuce, salad Iceberg, chicken breast, tomatoes, Caesar sauce, quail eggs, croutons, Parmesan cheese, aroma of success.
Salad Caesar with chicken
250 g / 99 UAH
Mixed salad with tongue - photo
Consist: Lettuce, salad Iceberg, rucola, tomatoes, tongue, Pine nuts, Parmesan cheese, Pesto sauce, a drop health.
Mixed salad with tongue
250 g / 119 UAH
Salad Lady - photo
Consist: Lettuce, masago, avocado, tomatoes, egg, lemon, green onion, royal shrimps, surimi, dill, mayonnaise, goodness and peace.
Salad Lady
250 g / 149 UAH
Caesar salad with shrimps  - photo
Consist: Lettuce, salad Iceberg,royal shrimps, tomatoes, Caesar sauce, quail eggs, croutons, Parmesan cheese, wealth and prosperity.
Caesar salad with shrimps
250 g / 139 UAH
Mixed salad with salmon - photo
Consist: Lettuce, salad Iceberg,rucola, tomatoes, Unagi sauce, Parmesan cheese, salmon, champignons, olives, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sea breath.
Mixed salad with salmon
250 g / 149 UAH
Валентина Костя

В Pizza House дуже смачні салати, приготовані з найсвіжіших продуктів, ароматні і поживні!Завжди разом з піццою замовляємо декілька салатів, тим паче, що їх вибір дуже великий, і можна до кожного різновиду піцци замовити такий салат, який ще краще розкриє її вишуканий смак! Моя сім'я найбільше полюбляє салат-коктейль з шинкою і сиром, а також класичний Цезар.

Жора Парфенюк

Дорогая администрация! Какое максимальное количество салатов я могу заказать за рас, ибо у сына день рождения и он не ест мясо? Хочу заказать много салатов. Спасибо за внимание.


вчера заказывала здесь сет "вега" и пиццу. все очень понравилось кроме... васаби. это не васаби, ребятки, а какая-то зеленая субстанция.


Очень вкусная пицца и роллы. Доставили на Ревуцкого буквально за пол часа. Спасибо.


Салат "Чука Сарада" - це щось божественне. Я закохана у нього.

Salads in “Pizza House”

The great advantage of salads is that for them can be used absolutely all suitable products for food. They are totally unpretentious in the filling: the main thing, that all ingredients were well- combined with each other. In the menu "Pizza House" a variety of salads are presented, which can be used as snacks and as main meal.

The assortment of salads in "Pizza House"
1. Vegetable salads. You can have a quick snack or complete it with every pizza from "Pizza House" with easy, useful and low-calorie mix of fresh vegetables, green peas, sesame seeds and aromatic greenery.
2. Meat salads. This variant is the best consumed as independent food, because these salads are very nutritious. The tenderest chicken breast, beef and ham , which are used for salads in  "Pizza House"  are sources of protein, that allow the body to be sated for a long time.
3. Salads with fish. Assorted with fish is a great light supper, with plenty of iodine, vitamins and necessary microelements! Salads in Eastern traditions with useful seaweed Chuka and Wakame will be a great snack to portion of rolls.
Salads from "Pizza House" can be eaten as they are or to add for other dishes or even to serve as a dessert!

Delivery of salads to home from "Pizza House"
With one pizza or a sushi portion it is hardly possible to satisfy your hunger. Make a light, freshy and healthy salad, which fully completes your meal. If you live in Kiev, call to network operator of food delivery in "Pizza House" and in an hour meet a courier with your order at the door.
Perhaps the salads  are the most universal and the easiest dish on the planet, that exists in huge variations and is honored in culinary traditions all over the world.