Pizza House / Salads
Olivier salad  - photo
Consist: Potatoes, fresh carrots, juicy ham, pickled cucumber, egg, green peas, mayonnaise, fresh cucumber and Lolo Bionda salad
Olivier salad
250 g / 130 UAH
Chuka salad  - photo
Consist: Marinated algae Chuka, lemon, nut sauce and sesame mix
Chuka salad
150 g / 195 UAH
Greek salad - photo
Consist: Lettuce mix, fresh cucumber, ripe tomatoes, sweet peppers, fine feta cheese, olives, pickled onions, olive oil and balsamic vinega
Greek salad
210 g / 140 UAH
No applicationsFeta cheese
Mixed salad with bacon - photo
Consist: Lettuce mix, sweet pepper, ripe tomatoes, fresh cucumber, crispy bacon, pickled onion, quail egg, sweet mustard sauce and parmesan cheese
Mixed salad with bacon
220 g / 155 UAH
No applicationsDouble Parmesan cheeseFried bacon
Salad with pear and Prosciutto - photo
Consist: Salad mix, fresh arugula, juicy pear, ripe tomatoes, sweet mustard sauce, unique grated cheese, prosciutto, walnuts
Salad with pear and Prosciutto
200 g / 160 UAH
No applicationsDorblyu cheeseProsciutto supplement
Mix salad with sun-dried tomatoes - photo
Consist: Lettuce mix, sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, feta cheese, parmesan cheese, pesto sauce, оrange, honey and pumpkin seeds
Mix salad with sun-dried tomatoes
200 g / 190 UAH
No applicationsDouble Parmesan cheese
Caesar salad with chicken - photo
Consist: Salad mix, baked chicken fillet, crispy bacon, ripe tomatoes, quail egg, Caesar sauce, crispy croutons, spicy parmesan cheese
Caesar salad with chicken
220 g / 190 UAH
No applicationsDouble Parmesan cheeseAdd chicken fillet
Warm salad with grilled vegetables and chicken - photo
Consist: Lettuce mix, arugula, olive oil, champignons, bell pepper, zucchini, broccoli, grilled chicken fillet, pumpkin seeds and cranberry sauce
Warm salad with grilled vegetables and chicken
240 g / 185 UAH
No applicationsАrugula supplement
Caesar salad with salmon - photo
Consist: Salad mix, smoked salmon, ripe tomatoes, chicken egg, caesar sauce, crispy croutons, spicy parmesan cheese
Caesar salad with salmon
210 g / 230 UAH
No applicationsDouble Parmesan cheeseSalmon supplement
Caesar salad with shrimps - photo
Consist: Salad mix, ripe tomatoes, king prawns, caesar sauce, chicken egg, crispy croutons, spicy parmesan cheese
Caesar salad with shrimps
220 g / 240 UAH
No applicationsDouble Parmesan cheeseShrimp supplement
Salad with mango and salmon - photo
Consist: Mix salad, spicy arugula, sweet mango, smoked salmon, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, delicate cream cheese, black sesame seeds
Salad with mango and salmon
200 g / 245 UAH

Salad is a source of vitamins

Fresh vegetables salads are considered healthy for a reason. At any time of year, this dish can make up for vitamin deficiencies and give the body the necessary minerals and vitamins. To ensure that the nutrients are well assimilated, the dish is seasoned with sauces containing fats, as well as seeds, nuts, olives and cheeses. Nutritional value of the dish is increased by protein components - chicken, fish, legumes, eggs.

Pizza House salads

The herbs in the salad help strengthen the immune system. Fiber-rich spinach and arugula contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, so help to maintain the health of the heart. Carotene content in tomatoes supports the health of the eyes. Paprika contains a whole complex of vitamins, including a large amount of vitamin C.
The more different colors are on the plate, the more useful substances the body absorbs. The low caloric value of salads helps in the fight against excess weight and in maintaining order.

Fresh salads from Pizza House

In our pizzeria menu you will find fresh salads with meat, fish, cheese and vegetable mixes. Among them there are popular dishes cooked according to classical recipes - Caesar with chicken, Greek. There are also more original combinations of ingredients:
  • with smoked fillet and orange;
  • with baked chicken and pineapple;
  • with bacon and sweet pepper;
  • with salmon and peas in a pod.
Thanks to the right combination of ingredients, each of these dishes is not only tasty, but also useful. Salad can be a separate cold dish, as well as an addition to meat, garnishes, pizza. Vegetables help to reveal the taste of other ingredients and at the same time remain a separate dish.
Caesar with chicken is a source of protein contained in chicken and quail eggs. Mixed salad provides the body with the necessary vitamins, and mustard dressing gives a spicy taste. In caesar with salmon, the vitamin palette is supplemented with an omega-3 element, which is necessary for the body every day. Mixed salad with chicken and orange, in addition to protein, saturates the body with vitamins contained in citrus. Each salad from our menu is an ideal combination of vitamins, proteins and fats necessary for the body.

Delivery of salads from Pizza House

You can order fresh vegetable salads on any day of the week. The advantages of delivery from Pizza House are noticeable at the first order:
  • delivery in Kiev and its suburbs;
  • free delivery to the central districts;
  • different methods of payment;
  • Efficiency;
  • convenient work schedule;
  • special offers and promotions.
In our menu everyone will find dishes to their liking. Salads with meat, as well as vegetarian dishes can always be ordered in our pizzeria. Fresh vegetables help the body to get the daily norm of vitamins, and their original combinations make breakfasts, lunches and dinners both healthy and tasty. Open the Pizza House menu and order tasty and healthy dishes with home and office delivery!
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