Popular dishes in PizzaHouse with delivery in Kiev

Популярные блюда

Mixed salad with bacon - photo
Consist: Lettuce mix, sweet pepper, ripe tomatoes, fresh cucumber, crispy bacon, pickled onion, quail egg, sweet mustard sauce and parmesan cheese
Mixed salad with bacon
220 g / 125 UAH
Pepperoni - photo
Consist: Pomodoro sauce, Mozzarella cheese, salami
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Ø30 / 490 g / 209 UAH Ø40 / 850 g / 315 UAH
Roll Philadelphia Kunsey - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, cucumbers, cream cheese, salmon coldly salted
Roll Philadelphia Kunsey
235 g / 155 UAH
Sandwich with salmon  - photo
Consist: Crispy chiabatta, cheese sauce, fresh cucumber, ripe tomatoes, pickled onions, smoked salmon, iceberg salad
Sandwich with salmon
300 g / 119 UAH
De Luxe Quartet - photo
Consist: Action! Pizza with Prosciutto, Mac Pizza, Tartarino, Carbonara (20 cm) + Cheese Sauce, BBQ as a gift
De Luxe Quartet
1005 g / 359 UAH
Set Montana - photo
Consist: Branded rusks, potato wedges, cheese sticks, onion rings and Garlic Sauce, BBQ as a gift
Set Montana
550 g / 259 UAH