Popular dishes in PizzaHouse with delivery in Kiev

Популярные блюда

Udon with chicken - photo
Consist: Udon noodles, Thai sauce, tender chicken fillet, onions, fresh carrots, sweet peppers, green peas, shiitake mushrooms, sesame seeds, green onions and spicy garlic oil
Udon with chicken
250 g / 99 UAH
Pasta Carbonara - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, cream sauce, bacon, turnip onion , garlic oil, egg yolk, cheese Parmesan
Pasta Carbonara
300 g / 99 UAH
Pizza with Prosciutto  - photo
Consist: Creamy sauce, Mozzarella cheese, pear, Dor Blue cheese, Prosciutto, arugula
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Pizza with Prosciutto
Ø30 / 560 g / 229 UAH Ø40 / 900 g / 335 UAH
Pork medallions with cranberry sauce - photo
Consist: Pork tenderloin, Prosciutto, orange, cranberry sauce, parsley. STOCK! When buying a dish red wine Bolgrad 0,5 l for 30 UAH
Pork medallions with cranberry sauce
320 g / 189 UAH
Fudzy - photo
Consist: Sakura, Volcano with eel, Philadelphia with avocado, California, Guncakan Kunsay - 2, Gunkan with shrimp - 2 (34 pcs). STOCK! When buying sushi set Bolgrad bottled wine 0.5l for 30 UAH
1100 g / 627 UAH
The Neapolitan Quartet - photo
Consist: Classic, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Four cheeses (20 cm) + 1L Pepsi as a gift.
The Neapolitan Quartet
840 g / 299 UAH