Pizza House / Combo
The Neapolitan Quartet - photo
Consist: Classic, Pepperoni, Hawaiian, Four cheeses
The Neapolitan Quartet
840 g / 355 UAH
Premium Quartet - photo
Consist: Thick Fryer, Barbecue, Meat Boom, Football
Premium Quartet
915 g / 345 UAH
All and at once set - photo
Consist: Set Florida (Buffalo wings, chicken nuggets, potato slices, branded croutons) Pizza Dragon 40 cm Fruit drink Strawberry 2 l Set Philadelphia (Philadelphia Avocado, Philadelphia with Eel, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia Kusney)
All and at once set
4950 g / 1781 UAH
Japanese American - photo
Consist: Set Florida (Buffalo wings, chicken nuggets, sliced ​​potatoes, branded croutons), Pizza Dragon 40 cm Fruit drink Strawberry 2 l Roll Philadelphia Classic Roll Red Dragon
Japanese American
4350 g / 1291 UAH

Delivery Combo menu in  Kiev

Pizza is the most recognizable and favorite dish for almost everyone. People buy it for parties with friends or a holiday table in honor of a birthday, for work and just to have a delicious snack after a hard day.

Originally an Italian dish that migrated to the United States sometime in the middle of the last century and became international. In every corner of the world it is prepared according to a special and original recipe, specific to the specifics of each kitchen.


Mega Combo

Pizza for the company: the range of Pizza House

Pizza Combo-sets - a find for companies where everyone has different tastes in this dish. At the moment in our menu there are 3 excellent sets:

  • "Neapolitan Quartet" - a set of pizzas "Pepperoni", "Hawaiian", "Four cheeses" and classical;
  • "Premium Quartet" - "Fat Dude", "Barbecue", "Meat Boom" and "Football";
  • "De Luxe Quartet" - pizza boxing with "McPizza", with prosciutto, "Tartarini" and "Carbonara".

All 4 dishes included in the set, the size of 20 centimeters. 

The Neapolitan pizza set is suitable for lovers of classics. Hawaiian consists of melted mozzarella cheese, corn, cream sauce, smoked chicken fillet and sweet tropical pineapple. Pepperoni - the most common type, which consists of the eponymous sausage, cheese and tomato sauce. In the meat there are mushrooms, ripe and juicy tomatoes, delicious salami with ham. Pizza "Four cheeses" includes cheeses: mozzarella, feta, dor-blue and parmesan.

"Premium Quartet" has very hearty pizzas in the set. "Fat guy" is made of pork, chicken, bacon, vegetables and greens. Barbecue pizza got its name from the sauce, and consists of mozzarella, bacon, pork, mushrooms and greens. "Football" combines mustard sauce, meat filling and vegetables. The "meat boom" perfectly combines different types of meat, which makes it incredibly filling.

The De Luxe Quartet has quite unusual pizzas. For example, in "McPizza" pepperoni is combined with french fries. Ingredients in the form of two types of cheese, tender and smoked chicken fillet, greens, mushrooms and sweet pepper are added to TARTARINA. Carbonara uses parmesan, carbonara and mustard sauces and ham. Prosciutto pizza consists of dor-blue cheese, mozzarella, pears, prosciutto and arugula.

Pizza sets: who would like this solution?

The combo pizza is designed for companies where everyone has their own advantages. This dish, even small in size, can well satisfy hunger. You can even order a mega-combo as an office lunch. This is a great way to eat delicious and healthy in the company of employees.

On our site you can place an order in advance and specify a convenient time. Chefs start cooking on time, and couriers bring food within an hour, regardless of weather conditions or road conditions. Our team will do everything quickly and efficiently so that you can enjoy hot dishes as soon as possible.

Payment and delivery of combo pizza

Payment for the order is made in several ways:

  • in cash;
  • online on the site;
  • cashless (for legal entities);
  • by means of the exit terminal.

Delivery is carried out across Kiev from 10 to 24 hours daily. This service is free, but not for all areas. You can see the list and find out the conditions of free home delivery on the website, in the section "Payment and delivery".

The main advantages of Pizza House

Our company has been working in the delivery market for a long time - for 12 years. During the quarantine period, the employees of our pizzeria measure the temperature daily, use gloves and masks while working and treat tools and work surfaces with antiseptics. All products used in our dishes meet food standards and are stored in proper conditions.

To order a combo set with pizzas, you need to fill out the appropriate online form in the cart or call our manager at the phone numbers listed on the site.

Prices are indicated without discount. Discounts are calculated in the cart.