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Chuka Sushi - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, Chuka seaweed, hamadamar sauce and sesame (2 pcs)
Chuka Sushi
70 g / 70 UAH
Sushi Syake - photo
Consist: Rice, salmon (2 pcs)
Sushi Syake
60 g / 100 UAH
Sushi Kunsei - photo
Consist: Rice, smoked salmon (2 pcs)
Sushi Kunsei
60 g / 100 UAH
Sushi Tuna - photo
Consist: Rice, tuna (2 pcs)
Sushi Tuna
60 g / 100 UAH
Unagi Sushi - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, eel, unagi sauce and sesame (2 pcs)
Unagi Sushi
70 g / 150 UAH

Japanese cuisine at Pizza House

Sushi is one of the most popular dishes of Japanese cuisine. It is based on rice processed with rice vinegar or salt, and seafood, meat, vegetables and other ingredients are used as stuffing. The Japanese liked the combination of rice and fish back in the 7th century, the recipe came from South Asia. In the southern regions, rice was used as a special layer for storing fish. Soaked in salt and sent under pressure, it helped to preserve pieces of fish and became a kind of conservation method.
It became a separate dish of sushi in the 17th century, and already in the 19th recipe conquered all Japan. Not only pickled but also raw fish were used as stuffing. Japanese chefs can cook such a dish for a few minutes. Today, sushi is loved all over the world and is cooked professionally in Pizza House.

Ingredients and types of sushi

Sushi can be of several kinds, but each of them includes
  • rice;
  • nori;
  • stuffing;
  • spices.
White fine-grained rice is mixed with rice vinegar, sugar and salt. Dried nori algae leaves are not used in all recipes, but are also considered a traditional ingredient.
A wide variety of ingredients are used as filling, including fish. Only oceanic fish species are served raw after deep freezing. In most cases, fish are processed, including salmon, tuna, eel and mackerel. Other seafood products, such as squids, octopus, shrimps and caviar, are also stuffed. Vegetables in Japanese cuisine are often marinated daikon, avocado and cucumber.
Eggs are used in the form of omelette, which is laid in layers. It includes hondashi broth, soy sauce, sugar and Japanese mayonnaise. Thin omelette in some recipes replaces nori. Ham and beef are also used to make stuffing.
Traditional seasonings:
  • Soy sauce;
  • wasabi (a kind of horseradish);
  • Dark (pickled ginger);
  • Rice vinegar.

Which sushi should I order from Pizza House?

In our pizzeria you will find several types of sushi using nori:
  • Guncan crab;
  • Guncan Kunsei;
  • Guncan salmon;
  • Guncan with smoked chicken;
  • Guncan eel.
In addition to rice and the main ingredient, the filling includes avocado and sauce. Lovers of spicy flavors will appreciate the special hot sauce, which is used in some types of sushi.
All these offers are available in our restaurants, as well as with home and office delivery on any day of the week. You can pay in cash, by bank transfer, by terminal, as well as online at the site. With Pizza House you will always find a convenient way to pay and get your order on time.
Order sushi delivery to Pizza House - and enjoy Japanese cuisine in any part of Kiev and its suburbs!
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