Sushi delivery in Kyiv by Pizza House
Pizza House / Japanese / Sushi
Sushi Gunkan with crab - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, Surimi, avocado, sauce Spice
Sushi Gunkan with crab
35 g / 29 UAH
Sush Gunkaniwith smoked chicken fillet - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, smoked chicken breast, avocado, sauce Spice
Sush Gunkaniwith smoked chicken fillet
35 g / 32 UAH
Sushi Gunkan Kunsey - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, salmon coldly smoked , avocado, sauce Spice
Sushi Gunkan Kunsey
35 g / 35 UAH
Sushi Gunkan with salmon - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, salmon lightly salted, avocado,sauce Spice
Sushi Gunkan with salmon
35 g / 35 UAH
Sushi Gunkan with eel - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, eel, avocado, sauce Spice
Sushi Gunkan with eel
35 g / 39 UAH

Pizza House has been making and delivering pizzas in Kiev and Kharkov since the year 2008. With more than 30 varieties of pizza, salads, hot dishes, desserts, beverages, sushi, etc. the name pizza house has become synonymous with excellent taste in Kiev. Not only pizza, we deliver sushi, rolls, rice noodles, pasta, sauces, children's meals, soups, spice rolls, etc. that will definitely tingle your taste buds.

Wide choice of sushi at Pizza House

Pizza House also delivers the most delicious sushi that you will find in the Kiev region. The range includes:

  • Sushi Muraza;
  • Chuka;
  • Saba;
  • Izumiga;
  • Tomago;
  • Capa squid;
  • Kani;
  • Cram;
  • Tabiko Red;
  • Salmon Kapa;
  • Syake;
  • Crab Kapa;
  • Maguro;
  • Unagi;
  • Ikara;
  • Firm and Ebi Sushi.

The sushi is prepared from fresh ingredients ans is definitely a delicacy that you should try in your life. Our chefs take pains to prepare the best food items for you and are always ready to accept any special demands you have while ordering your food. If you are hungry for some quality food, then Pizza House should definitely be on your speed dial.

Why choose Pizza House

Pizza House in Kiev offers the most extensive delivery order menu and delivers it in a short span of time. A customer friendly brand with reliable service, Pizza House has a large number of professional chefs working for them. The chefs are well trained and present you with the most mouth watering dishes that you will ever see in your life. The pizza at Pizza House is very delicious and made with fresh ingredients.

Our range includes popular pizzas like Margarita, Margarita Chili, Pikante, Havana, Hawaiian pizza, pizza Nicosia, Jamaica, Pizza Juliet, Pizza Munich, Mushroom, Monte Leone, Vegetarian pizza, Pizza Jungle, Family pizza, Assorted pizza, Pizza Francois, Pizza Sicily, Pizza Football and other mouth watering pizzas.