Spice rolls delivery in Kyiv by Pizza House
Spice roll Naruto - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, Japanese omelette, cream cheese, masaho, Spice sauce, cucumber, hospitality.
Spice roll Naruto
225 g / 100 UAH
Spice Roll Bravo - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, salmon, surimi, sauce Spice, hospitality.
Spice Roll Bravo
180 g / 114 UAH
Spice Roll Kunsey - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, smoked salmon, avocado, masaho, Spice sauce, black sesame seeds, a little hard work.
Spice Roll Kunsey
190 g / 124 UAH
Spice roll Tatsu - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, cream cheese, salmon, cucumber, avocado, Spice sauce, excitement.
Spice roll Tatsu
195 g / 124 UAH
Spice Roll Maguro - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, tuna, avocado, cucumber, Spice sauce, gentle thoughts.
Spice Roll Maguro
220 g / 124 UAH
Spice roll Koonsey Kani - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, surimi, smoked salmon, cucumber, sauce Spice, black sesame, cream cheese, good mood.
Spice roll Koonsey Kani
215 g / 124 UAH
Spice roll Dragon - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, eel, cucumber, sauce Spice, cream cheese, sesame, masaho, a little of love.
Spice roll Dragon
215 g / 134 UAH

Spice rolls - some  people like them hot

Preferance of everybody without exception to sushi has not  filled our hearts so long time ago, but it has already became stronger. We are happy to visit Japanese restaurants, we order sushi at home or twist rolls ourselves diligently for the whole family. There are so many varieties of popular Japanese food  that even the Japanese themselves are not aware of this overgrown amount. Our imagination with Japanese ingredients and cooking traditions - and voila, the next culinary masterpiece is ready .
Rolls,which are collected on this one page for convenience , have one common ingredient, which is not to everybody's taste. But  fans of sharp do not have to try to find the same rolls with favorite sauce Spice in the menu. The main necessary ingredient is found, now start to choose other!

Spice rolls from Pizza House

A distinctive feature of these rolls is mandatory presence among ingredients the hot sauce for sushi - spice or spicy. There are a lot recipes of this sauce, but the Japanese mayonnaise and chili pepper (or pepper sauce) are fundamental. Therefore, if you do not like spicy food or health does not allow to swallow several burning rolls, we advise you to look for your favorite among the conventional warm or chef rolls.

You can visit one of our cafés or to order a delicious dinner (or a romantic supper )  Right to house. It offers an easy navigation - sushi menu and pizza menu - and a rich selection of dishes:

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