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Tempura - photo
Consist: Tempura with shrimp, Tempura with salmon, Tempura with eel, Japanese sandwich (28 pcs). STOCK! When buying sushi set Bolgrad bottled wine 0.5l for 30 UAH
900 g / 526 UAH
Вино белое 0,5Red vine 0.5
Set  Philadelphia - photo
Consist: Rolls: Philadelphia Kunsey, Philadelphia Classic, Philadelphia with eel, Philadelphia with Avocado (32pcs) STOCK! When buying sushi set Bolgrad bottled wine 0.5l for 30 UAH
Set Philadelphia
960 g / 559 UAH
Вино белое 0,5Red vine 0.5
Fudzy - photo
Consist: Sakura, Volcano with eel, Philadelphia with avocado, California, Guncakan Kunsay - 2, Gunkan with shrimp - 2 (34 pcs). STOCK! When buying sushi set Bolgrad bottled wine 0.5l for 30 UAH
1100 g / 627 UAH
Вино белое 0,5Red vine 0.5
Dragon - photo
Consist: Green Dragon, Dragon with Salmon, Golden Dragon, Rainbow Dragon (32 pcs). STOCK! When buying sushi set Bolgrad bottled wine 0.5l for 30 UAH
1030 g / 638 UAH
Вино белое 0,5Red vine 0.5
Osaka - photo
Consist: Philadelphia Classic, Tokyo, Green Dragon, Branded Shake Kunsey, California, Toyama, Guncan Salmon - 3, Guncan Eel - 3 (54 pcs). АКЦІЯ! При покупці суші сету розливне вино Bolgrad 0,5 л за 30 грн
1680 g / 1018 UAH
Вино белое 0,5Red vine 0.5
Saikido - photo
Consist: Philadelphia Kunsay, Philadelphia with Avocado, Golden Dragon, Sakura,Volcano with Crab, Alaska De lux, Capa Maki, Yami, Guncan Salmon - 4, Guncan Eel - 4 (68 pcs). STOCK! When buying sushi set Bolgrad bottled wine 0.5l for 30 UAH
2050 g / 1198 UAH
Вино белое 0,5Red vine 0.5

Sushi-set are assortments of sushi and rolls, which, being a traditional everyday Japanese food, gradually became the favorite dishes of representatives and other nationalities. Ingredients from which they are cooked - rice, seafood, vegetables, cheese - are low-calorie and very useful for healthy eating.Sushi set – is an assortment of different types of rolls and sushi. This is a great choice for large group of friends. Appetizing sushi sets will please everybody, everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite delicacies and  to try new ones. And it is incredibly economical!

To make the choice easier and to try a lot of things in one meal, the Japanese have come up with the idea of combining sushi and rolls of different kinds by saturating their bodies with various vitamins and trace elements. This makes sets so popular in restaurants around the world.

How sushi and rolls are made

It's a common belief that sushi and rolls are the same thing, but they're not. Their main differences are in the ingredients used and the way they are prepared:
  • in the first seafood (salmon, eel) is always on top, and in the second mainly inside;
  • sushi is made separately from each other, the roll is wrapped in a roll, and then cut into 6 or 8 pieces;
  • the rolls are often wrapped in nori algae leaves, and the sushi is only bandaged with a strip of them;
  • they don't put vegetables, only seafood in sushi, and in rolls it is possible to combine everything: from vegetables and fruits to an omelette and cheese.
A variety of rolls are maki. Their second name is monoroll, because, apart from rice and nori, it contains only one ingredient - salmon, eel, avocado or cucumber.

A wide variety of sets at Pizza House

Our experienced chefs cook sushi, rolls and maki. Using the invention of the Japanese - to combine them into sets - we offer you a huge selection of different combinations:
  • The smallest set, Guncan Mix, unites sushi, similar to rice boats (Guncan in Japanese - "warship"), they are wrapped in nori, and as a stuffing put avocado with eels, salmon, crab or smoked chicken fillets;
  • The student set is one of the largest and most diverse, with a vegetarian Yasai Vega, Bonito with chicken, an American invention - the roll "California" with crab, Shake Maki and three Guncans (with eels, salmon and crab);
  • For fans of rolls with cheese "Philadelphia" - the set of the same name, which will delight delicious rolls with eels, avocado, smoked and slightly salted salmon.
In our menu there are also other various, useful sets, where everyone can find something that is more to his taste.

Delivery of roll sets from Pizza House

Delivery by couriers to any corner of Kyiv within 60 minutes after the order, for self-export we make a discount of 15%.
When you want to enjoy a variety of useful sushi sets at lunch at home or in the office, arrange a romantic dinner or party - contact us! Our sushi sets are delicious, varied and nutritious!
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