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Roll Capa Maki - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, cucumber, sesame
Roll Capa Maki
160 g / 80 UAH
Maki Avocado - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, avocado, Unagi sauce, sesame
Maki Avocado
160 g / 90 UAH
Shrimp Maki - photo
Consist: Nori, rice, Japanese mayonnaise, shrimp
Shrimp Maki
170 g / 140 UAH
Maki Tuna - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, tuna
Maki Tuna
160 g / 150 UAH
Roll Syacke Maki - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, salmon salted
Roll Syacke Maki
160 g / 170 UAH
Roll Kunsey Maki - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, salmon coldly smoked
Roll Kunsey Maki
160 g / 170 UAH
Roll Unagi Maki - photo
Consist: Rice, Nori, eel, Unagi sauce, sesame
Roll Unagi Maki
160 g / 255 UAH

Maki is a popular type of sushi

Maki is a kind of sushi, one of the most famous Japanese dishes, which is served in the form of a roll. At the heart of this roll of rice soaked in rice vinegar, and complement it with various fillings. All this is wrapped in a dry sheet of nori algae - and you get the same rolls that are now eaten around the world. The word "Maki" itself is translated as "curtail", so it is difficult to confuse the rolls with other dishes. There are three types of Mali rolls:
  • Hosomaki;
  • Chumaki;
  • Phutomacs.
They differ in thickness and size. Hosomaki is a thin roll, pieces are small. Chumaki - medium thickness roll, futomaki - large rolls. Regardless of the size of the pieces portion consists of 6-8 pieces.
In traditional rolls only one ingredient is used as a filling. It can be salmon, tuna, eel, crab - different kinds of seafood and fish. From vegetable and fruit stuffings avocado and cucumber are the most popular. Branded rolls are distinguished by a variety of recipes and many ingredients. They can contain not only seafood and vegetables, but also cheese, omelette and other components.

Maki is in Pizza House's menu

In our pizzeria you can order maki rolls with different fillings:
  • with eel;
  • with avocado;
  • with cucumber;
  • with smoked salmon;
  • with weakly salted salmon.
Japanese dishes are served with spices - soy sauce, wasabi, marinated ginger. Wasabi gives a sharpness and has antimicrobial properties, which is especially important if the roll includes raw fish. Ginger is an antioxidant and helps to absorb food, accelerating the secretion of the stomach. In addition, ginger is needed to separate tastes, so it is used between dishes with different ingredients.
Soy sauce contains so many vitamins and minerals that its useful properties are equal to meat. It also contains antioxidants and other trace elements that promote the health of the entire body. Following the traditions of sushi rolls, we get a healthy, nutritious and tasty product.

Delivery of the maki to your home and office

Rolls are a universal option for lunch and dinner, a friendly party, a romantic date. This beautiful, nutritious and healthy dish has become popular and in demand. In Pizza House you can order the delivery of sushi on any day of the week and get your order in any area of Kyiv. You can pay for your favorite dishes online on the site, in cash or by card to the courier, make a cashless payment. Delivery is relevant for some suburban areas.
Visit the website of Pizza House and order Japanese cuisine with home and office delivery!
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