Rice delivery in Kyiv by Pizza House
Fried rice with egg - photo
Consist: Rice, egg, soy sauce, sesame, dill, kind smile.  
Fried rice with egg
200 g / 39 UAH
Fried rice with vegetables - photo
Consist: Rice, beans, soy sauce, Unagi sauce, green onion, sesame, onion, champignons, carrots, sweet pepper, care.
Fried rice with vegetables
200 g / 39 UAH
Fried rice with chicken - photo
Consist: Rice, chicken breast, Unagi sauce, green onion, soy sauce, sesame, joy and good feelings.  
Fried rice with chicken
200 g / 49 UAH
Arboryo Del Mare - photo
Consist: Rice, shrimps, squids, mussels, octopuses, tomato sauce, dill, sesame, lemon, onion, garlic, Breath of the sea .
Arboryo Del Mare
250 g / 85 UAH

Rice in the new "shape"
For centuries, rice was one of the most nutritious and healthy products. If you are not familiar with  delicious dishes with rice, then offers from «Pizza House» will be very interesting for you.

Delicious offers for every day
Let's start with the fact that rice can be served with meat and fish products. With proper preparation every dish will vary in taste and leave a pleasant aftertaste.
For those who have careful attitude to health, we recommend to try the rice with sesame seeds, herbs, egg and soy sauce. In addition to pleasant taste, you are guaranteed to get the necessary "bouquet" of vitamins to raise your immunity.
When you tried once fried rice with vegetables and mushrooms, you will not be able to resist the temptation to order it with meat or seafood the next time. For fans of meat dishes we can advice to try the rice with chicken - a perfect combination of ingredients will give you a lot of taste experiences, satisfy your hunger and help you to get energy.
The variety of flavors and colors will give you the dish with seafood. It is composed of squids, shrimps, octopuses and mussels.
Why rice is useful?
 Sometimes rice is called a healing product and there is a reason - it contains a lot of necessary microelements for normal functioning of our organism:

  • protein (it depends on class, to 8%);
  • more dietary fibers contain in brown rice;
  • H and E vitamins and many vitamins of B group;
  • minerals:
  • phosphorus and magnesium, fluorine and boron, silicon, molybdenum, manganese, iodine, selenium, cobalt etc.

It is important that there is no gluten, which can cause allergic reactions for some people, especially for children, therefore it is suitable for all people, regardless of age. For children you can always order a special set and offer to try some rice dishes.
 If you will not forget to include in your ration rice dishes regularly, you don’t have to worry about health. It has good influence for nervous system and brain, has a positive effect for lungs and heart, it is important to mention the benefits for skin and eyes.
Anyone can combine business with pleasure for health by ordering rice with vegetables or meat, fish or mushrooms in «Pizza House».