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Pasta Bolognese - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, Bolognese sauce, garlic oil, Parmesan cheese
Pasta Bolognese
300 g / 89 UAH
Pasta with meatballs - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, pork mitballs, onions, cream, garlic oil, Parmesan cheese
Pasta with meatballs
300 g / 89 UAH
Pasta with chicken - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, cream sauce, chicken breast, mushrooms champignons, Broccoli cabbage, turnip onion, garlic oil, cheese Parmesan
Pasta with chicken
300 g / 89 UAH
Pasta Carbonara - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, cream sauce, bacon, turnip onion , garlic oil, egg yolk, cheese Parmesan
Pasta Carbonara
300 g / 95 UAH
Pasta with veal - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, cream sauce, juicy veal, ripe tomatoes, broccoli cabbage, onions, parmesan cheese and spicy garlic butter
Pasta with veal
300 g / 99 UAH
Pasta with Prosciutto - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, prosciutto, mushrooms, carrots, onions, cream, garlic oil, Parmesan cheese
Pasta with Prosciutto
300 g / 99 UAH
Pasta with cheese - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, cream sauce, turnip onion, garlic oil, cream cheese, cheese Dor blues, cheese Parmesan
Pasta with cheese
300 g / 99 UAH
Pasta with seafood - photo
Consist: Spaghetti, cream sauce, seafood mix, turnip onion , garlic oil, cheese Parmesan
Pasta with seafood
300 g / 149 UAH

Pasta is one of the most popular international dishes in the world. Being an invention of Italian cuisine, it began to spread throughout Europe in the 12th century from Sicily, and in the 18th-19th centuries it gained admirers on all continents. Nowadays pasta is called both Italian pasta made of durum wheat flour and all kinds of dishes made of them. Pasta is cooked with a variety of sauces, served with meat, cheese, vegetables and seafood.

Types of Italian pasta

There is no single classification of Italian pasta. Some species appear, others, less liked, disappear. But there is a constant principle: all pasta is divided into fresh pasta, which is used on the day of manufacture, and dry pasta, which is intended for long-term storage. Pasta is also distinguished by the shape and composition of the dough:
  • Spaghetti (long products in the form of thin threads);
  • Bucatini (spaghetti with a hole inside);
  • lasagna (flat pieces of dough);
  • Fettuccini (wide long plates);
  • porcelain (butterfly-shaped pasta);
  • Gnocchi (shells made of a mixture of flour, cottage cheese and potatoes);
  • ravioli (stuffed envelope, "Italian dumplings") and many others.

What kind of pasta pizza house offers

Spaghetti is the most common and favorite pasta for most pasta products. Our chefs cook them perfectly with "Bolognese" meat sauce. Pasta with chicken will not leave you indifferent with its perfect combination of chicken fillet, mushrooms, onions, broccoli, Parmesan cheese, garlic butter and creamy sauce.
The traditional dish of Rome - the world-famous Carbonara pasta - will be tasted by spaghetti lovers and thin slices of bacon under creamy sauce with egg yolk. We also have something to please lovers of seafood: pasta with the appropriate name is cooked according to a classic recipe, keeping all the benefits and taste of sea ingredients.

Our main principles of preparation and delivery

We value the trust of our customers, so it is important for us that each portion of the pasta is prepared in accordance with the established principles of Pizza House:
  • traditional Italian recipes;
  • always fresh ingredients;
  • cooking only after ordering to bring a fresh, aromatic and hot meal to your home or office;
  • delivery to all districts of Kyiv within 60 minutes;
  • at self-import from our pizzerias the discount to order - 15 %.
Order pasta from Pizza House - and make sure that what is written above is true! Your dish will be cooked according to a traditional recipe, with the warmth of sunny Italy and always delivered on time.
Prices are indicated without discount. Discounts are calculated in the basket.