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Calzone with egg - photo
Consist: Mustard sauce, Mozzarella cheese, egg, bacon, greenery
Calzone with egg
500 g / 185 UAH
Calzone meat - photo
Consist: Mustard sauce, Mozzarella cheese, ham, salami, pickled turnip onion, tomatoes
Calzone meat
430 g / 185 UAH
Calzone cheese - photo
Consist: Cream sauce, Mozzarella cheese,Dor blue cheese , Feta cheese Parmesan cheese
Calzone cheese
455 g / 195 UAH

Pizza calzone is your delicious surprise!

Pizza has always been considered an Italian dish, but over time it has been loved by millions of people around the world. They cook it differently, each has its own peculiarities. Unconventional variety of pizza is calzone. It is immediately recognizable even by its simple appearance - it is a closed type of pizza, looks a little like a fragrant pie.
Features of calzone:
  • All the ingredients retain their aromatic properties due to the fact that the filling is completely covered with dough;
  • If there is a risk that the pizza filling may fry when preparing a classic dish, the calzone is always juicy;
  • You can order with different stuffing, such as cheese or meat, pamper yourself with mushroom, or you can order a delicious vegetarian;
  • Always attracts its "mystery" - causes interest, and what is inside this fragrant pie.

Varieties of pizza calzone

As practice shows, such pizza is rarely spicy. Therefore, it can be offered even to children. "Pizza House" offers its visitors a fragrant pizza calzone made of natural fresh ingredients:
  • vegetable sauce with tomato sauce, olives and tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms with bell peppers;
  • cheese sauce and mozzarella cheese, Russian and Dor-blue;
  • meat with ham and tomatoes, seasoned with branded sauce and Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese.
Thus, if you are waiting for guests or suddenly remembered that this evening you will have a romantic dinner with a loved one, you will be helped by an original Italian dish, which will be tasted by every gourmet.
The semicircular shape is similar to a crescent moon, carefully fixed on the one hand by the dough protecting the stuffing from drying and allowing it to be prepared in its own juice. Today Kharkiv citizens and Kiev citizens are the luckiest ones - they can order calzone with their favorite taste with delivery home at any time from 10 am to 02 am.
In addition to the closed pizza offered, you can use the catalogue and choose other types of pizza, such as "Brand" or "DIY", as well as a set for the child. And no matter what you stop, you can not even doubt - you will definitely get pleasure of a real gourmet. Contact the managers in any of the most suitable ways for you, and you will have only one thing left - to wait for dinner!
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