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AQUA MINERALE with gas - photo
Consist: AQUA MINERALE with gas
0.5 l / 29 UAH
AQUA MINERALE without gas - photo
Consist: AQUA MINERALE without gas
AQUA MINERALE without gas
0.5 l / 29 UAH
Mirinda - photo
Consist: Mirinda
1.0 l / 59 UAH
Pepsi - photo
Consist: Pepsi
1.0 l / 59 UAH
7-up - photo
Consist: 7-up
1.0 l / 59 UAH
Lemonade Cherry - photo
Consist: Mint, soda,syrup Cherry, cherry berry, lemon
Lemonade Cherry
0.5 l / 45 UAH 1 l / 69 UAH
Lemonade Green apple - photo
Consist: Mint, soda, syrup Green apple, lemon
Lemonade Green apple
0.5 l / 45 UAH 1 l / 69 UAH
Lemonade Classic - photo
Consist: Mint, syrup, soda, lemon
Lemonade Classic
0.5 l / 45 UAH 1 l / 69 UAH
Lemonade Strawberry - photo
Consist: Mint, syrup Strawberry, soda, strawberries, lemon
Lemonade Strawberry
0.5 l / 45 UAH 1 l / 69 UAH
Lemonade Currant - photo
Consist: Mint, syrup Currant, soda, lemon
Lemonade Currant
0.5 g / 45 UAH 1 g / 69 UAH
Morse Cherry - photo
Consist: Morse Cherry
Morse Cherry
0.5 l / 49 UAH 1 l / 79 UAH
Morse Strawberry - photo
Consist: Morse Strawberry
Morse Strawberry
0.5 l / 49 UAH 1 l / 79 UAH
Morse Currant - photo
Consist: Morse Currant
Morse Currant
0.5 l / 49 UAH 1 l / 79 UAH
Morse Sea ​​buckthorn - photo
Consist: Morse Sea ​​buckthorn
Morse Sea ​​buckthorn
0.5 l / 49 UAH 1 l / 79 UAH
Sandora juice orange - photo
Consist: Sandora juice orange
Sandora juice orange
950 g / 75 UAH
Sandora juice cherry - photo
Consist: Sandora juice cherry
Sandora juice cherry
950 g / 75 UAH
Sandora juice multivitamin - photo
Consist: Sandora juice multivitamin
Sandora juice multivitamin
950 g / 75 UAH
Sandora juice tomato - photo
Consist: Sandora juice tomato
Sandora juice tomato
950 g / 75 UAH
Sandora juice an Apple - photo
Consist: Sandora juice an Apple
Sandora juice an Apple
950 g / 75 UAH
Sandora juice grape - photo
Consist: Sandora juice grape
Sandora juice grape
950 g / 75 UAH
Pepsi - photo
0.33 l / 35 UAH

Soft drinks


A variety of flavors of soft drinks have been around for many years.

Kvass was made, compote, uzvar and other drinks based on berries and fruits were brewed.

Today the assortment of soft drinks is wide and available to every consumer.

Soft drinks

In addition to drinks such as tea and coffee, various varieties of sweet drinks are produced, such as juices, fruit drinks, lemonades, syrups, water with the addition of fruits and berries and other drinks that have a tonic and refreshing effect and delight with their unusual tastes.

Therefore, the best choice would be to order soft drinks from our Pizza House with delivery in Kiev from trusted manufacturers. We offer a wide range of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks with natural and healthy composition. You just have to confirm the order and wait for delivery to any corner of Kiev. And if there is no time for waiting, just check with the company manager for the location of the nearest Pizza House restaurant, where you can pick up your order by self.

Types of soft drinks

The most popular non-alcoholic beverages include:

Lemonade. According to the original recipe, lemonade is made on the basis of lemons, sugar, water and fresh mint. However, modern manufacturers make equally delicious lemonades from water and lemon syrup;

Morse. This non-alcoholic drink is made from pure juice of berries and fruits with the addition of water in certain proportions. Fruit drink often contains the pulp of berries and fruits and has a viscous consistency;

The juice. Made from freshly squeezed fruits and berries. Differs from fruit drink in minimal content or complete absence of pulp;

Water. A popular non-alcoholic drink all over the world, thanks to its beneficial properties and effects on the body. It can be mineralized, carbonated and still, with the addition of additional flavoring ingredients (lime juice, lemon, cherry, raspberry and others);

The less common are various syrups. Due to their high concentration, they must be added to water, coffee or used with other products. Want to try new refreshing and tonic flavors of carbonated low-alcohol drinks that will help you get rid of your thirst? Then order drinks with delivery in Kiev at Pizza House!

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