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Beer Stella Artois - photo
Consist: Beer Stella Artois
Beer Stella Artois
0.5 l / 65 UAH
Beer Cherry - photo
Consist: Beer Cherry
Beer Cherry
0.5 l / 70 UAH 1 l / 120 UAH
Beer Sea ​​buckthorn - photo
Consist: Beer Sea ​​buckthorn
Beer Sea ​​buckthorn
0.5 l / 70 UAH 1 l / 120 UAH
Currant beer - photo
Consist: Currant beer
Currant beer
0.5 l / 70 UAH 1 l / 120 UAH
Beer Strawberry - photo
Consist: Beer Strawberry
Beer Strawberry
0.5 l / 70 UAH 1 l / 120 UAH
Beer Lvivske 1715 on tap - photo
Consist: Beer Lvivske 1715 on tap
Beer Lvivske 1715 on tap
0.5 l / 60 UAH 1 l / 110 UAH
Beer Lvivske White Lion on tap - photo
Consist: Beer Lvivske White Lion on tap wheat
Beer Lvivske White Lion on tap
0.5 l / 65 UAH 1 l / 120 UAH
Hoegaarden - photo
Consist: Hoegaarden White unfiltered
0.33 l / 100 UAH

Delivery of beer in Kiev

Beer is an ancient low-alcohol drink that is in demand today. Manufacturers are constantly expanding the range of varieties, experimenting with different tastes, shades, keeping the original cooking recipe, which will suit everyone's taste.

Types of beer are divided into the following types according to their shade and taste:

Non-alcoholic. Contains a minimum amount of alcohol. The effect can be achieved thanks to a special beer filtration technology. Keeping the original taste as much as possible. It is recommended for people who do not drink alcohol in large quantities and who remain sober and clear of mind. The cost of such a drink depends on the level of filtration and the brand.

Light. Produced using light, unroasted malt, which stains the drink with a yellow tint. It includes a rich hoppy flavor and delicate aroma, there is a slight bitterness and is great with beer snacks that can be ordered at Pizza House.

Dark. The original low-fermentation Bavarian dark beer. Which has a deep brown or black color. This color effect can be obtained by roasting the malt beforehand.

Based on these types, you can pick up and buy beer with delivery in Kiev at Pizza House, which perfectly suits your taste and disposition. We will be glad to see you in our Pizza House pizzeria, where you can order beer with delivery, as well as snacks for any kind of drinks.


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