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Spring lemon-mint dessert  - photo
Consist: Cream cracker, mint cheesecake with dark chocolate and lemon mousse
Spring lemon-mint dessert
120 g / 69 UAH
Brownie Cookies - 2 pieces - photo
Consist: Super chocolate chip cookies in powdered sugar
Brownie Cookies - 2 pieces
50 g / 30 UAH
Oreo - photo
Consist: Base of chocolate crumble, cream cheese with Oreo, chocolate biscuit and ganache
120 g / 69 UAH
Napoleon - photo
Consist: Shortcake layer cake with custard cream
120 g / 69 UAH
Schwarzwald - photo
Consist: Chocolate biscuit, lots of cherries, delicate sour cream and chocolate
120 g / 69 UAH
Cheesecake - photo
Consist: Vanilla crumble and creamy curd layer
120 g / 69 UAH
Snickers Cake - photo
Consist: Sensational chocolate hit with indecent amount of peanuts and salted caramel
Snickers Cake
120 g / 69 UAH
Homemade cheesecakes - photo
Consist: The most delicious homemade cheeses with raisins and topping to choose from
Homemade cheesecakes
130 g / 69 UAH
No applicationsHoneySour creamFruit topping
Sweet roll with banana - photo
Consist: Pancake, creamy chocolate mousse, walnut, banana, chocolate sauce, mint
Sweet roll with banana
210 g / 85 UAH
Sweet roll with kiwi - photo
Consist: Pancake, creamy chocolate mousse, walnut, kiwi, chocolate sauce, mint
Sweet roll with kiwi
210 g / 85 UAH
Pancakes with Chocolate - photo
Consist: Pancakes, chocolate-nut cream, chocolate sauce, sugar powder, mint
Pancakes with Chocolate
100 g / 59 UAH
Rainbow pizza - photo
Consist: Chocolate-nut cream, marshmallow, m&ms, sugar powder
Rainbow pizza
340 g / 149 UAH
Dolce Pizza - photo
Consist: Mozzarella cheese, butter, sweet apples, sugar syrup and cinnamon
Dolce Pizza
580 g / 149 UAH
Sweet pizza with pear - photo
Consist: Cream, mozzarella cheese, nut paste, pear, marshmallow, powdered sugar, mint
Sweet pizza with pear
580 g / 159 UAH
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