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Cheesecake Brownie - photo
Consist: Cream cheese, chocolate, cocoa, butter, cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar
Cheesecake Brownie
115 g / 100 UAH
Cheesecake Cherry - photo
Consist: Cream cheese, chocolate, cocoa, butter, cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar, cherries
Cheesecake Cherry
115 g / 100 UAH
Cheesecake Blueberry - photo
Consist: Cream cheese, chocolate, cocoa, butter, cream, sugar, eggs, vanilla sugar, blueberries
Cheesecake Blueberry
115 g / 100 UAH
Homemade cheesecakes - photo
Consist: The most delicious homemade cheesecakes with raisins, topped with chocolate topping and optional topping
Homemade cheesecakes
130 g / 120 UAH
No applicationsHoneySour creamFruit topping
Sweet roll with banana and kiwi - photo
Consist: Pancake, chocolate cream mousse, banana, kiwi, walnut, berry topping and mint
Sweet roll with banana and kiwi
250 g / 135 UAH
Sweet roll with mango and avocado - photo
Consist: Pancake, creamy mousse, avocado, sweet mango, walnut, chocolate topping and mint
Sweet roll with mango and avocado
250 g / 160 UAH
Rainbow pizza - photo
Consist: Chocolate-nut cream, marshmallow, m&ms, mint, sugar powder
Rainbow pizza
340 g / 200 UAH
Dolce Pizza - photo
Consist: Mozzarella cheese, butter, sweet apples, sugar syrup and cinnamon
Dolce Pizza
580 g / 200 UAH
Sweet pizza with pear - photo
Consist: Cream, mozzarella cheese, nut paste, pear, marshmallow, powdered sugar, mint
Sweet pizza with pear
580 g / 230 UAH

Delivery of branded desserts in Kiev 


Desserts are probably loved by everyone without exception, because who doesn't want to try something extremely tasty and unusual, but at the same time sweet? However, most cafes, in the range of which today there are sweet desserts, offer a set of standard options that are already too boring and do not give the emotions and impressions as new and unique versions of sweet. Where to find desserts that will fully satisfy the desires of all customers, but, at the same time, will have their "highlight"?



We can advise you to order desserts on the site The company delivers food home and has been working in the market for a long time, during which time it has won the trust of customers with high quality service. Why do buyers choose PizzaHouse? All products delivered by the company are made using the best ingredients and have unsurpassed taste, fillings in rolls and pizzas quite a lot, which guarantees that you will eat, it is also important to note that the delivery of desserts in Kiev is as fast as possible to customers we did not have to wait too long for our order, and it is impossible not to mention the fact that the company values ​​and loves its customers and therefore treat each of them with respect.

All these advantages together make PizzaHouse one that is given priority when ordering quality and delicious food at home. It should also be noted that despite the high quality of products, the company does not set very high prices that would force you to refuse to buy food from the company. As for the choice of products, the range offered on the site PizzaHouse will be able to fully satisfy even those who love to look for defects in food delivery. You can mention the ease of service on the site, all the steps you need to perform when ordering on the company's website are intuitive, so buy dessert in Kiev is very easy.

Speaking of the range, it should be noted that on the site you can find a variety of variations of desserts, which differ not only in shape but also in composition. The standard, but still extremely tasty and loved by many visitors desserts include:

  • Spring lemon-mint dessert, Brownie cookies, Oreo, Napoleon, Black Forest, Cheesecake, Snickers, Homemade cheesecakes, Chocolate pancakes. What are they?
  • Spring lemon-mint dessert is a combination of creamy crackers, which is complemented by mint cheesecake with dark chocolate, and the dish is complemented by notes of lemon mousse;
  • Brownie cookies are super chocolate cookies sprinkled with icing sugar on top;
  • Oreo - this dessert is a layered alternation of chocolate cramble, the most delicate cream cheese with oreo, as well as chocolate sponge cake and ganache;
  • Napoleon, in turn, is a standard recipe for the cake of the same name, however, its serving is sure to surprise you.
  • Black Forest is perfect for fans of the combination of chocolate and cherries, as it contains a chocolate sponge cake, a large number of cherries, a very soft sour cream, and on top it is sprinkled with chocolate.
  • Desserts Cheesecake, Snickers, Homemade Cheesecakes and Chocolate Pancakes, although not very refined in the recipe, but are equally in demand among all customers of Pizza House, as the quality of their performance plays a role.

If we talk about the unusual desserts that are offered to visitors by the company, it is impossible not to mention the sweet rolls with banana and kiwi, as well as several options for pizza. Sweet roll with banana and sweet roll with kiwi is one of the most unusual options for serving desserts. The dish is made in the form of a classic sushi roll, but instead of nori everything is covered with a pancake, and inside you can find chocolate cream mousse, walnuts, chocolate syrup and kiwi or banana. Most likely, pizza will not leave you indifferent. On a standard pizza base, despite your expectations, you will not find sausages or tomato ketchup, instead you will find incredible desserts in an unusual serving. Rainbow Pizza combines chocolate-nut cream, M & Ms candies, soft marshmallows and powdered sugar.

If you want to order desserts at home, but do not know which company is better to entrust the order, you can safely leave a request on the site PizzaHouse, because it is better than no one to cope with the task of delivering desserts in Kiev as quickly and efficiently.

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