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Valentine's Day is a special holiday for all lovers, and the choice of place and method of celebrating it is of great importance. There are many options for where and how to celebrate this day with your significant other. Common options are: going to a restaurant, sitting at home, cinema, concert, stand-up or just a romantic walk.

In our opinion, one of the ideal places for a romantic celebration on this day is the Pizza House cafe. Here you will find an unrivaled atmosphere, delicious cuisine and impeccable service.

As for the atmosphere, we try to create all the conditions so that your Valentine’s Day is unsurpassed and memorable for a long time! Cozy lighting, pleasant music and interior details will immerse you in the world of love and romance. Book tables at Pizza House and be sure of a perfect evening.

If you are a fan of Italian food, and your other half cannot live without rolls, you will find everything and even more on the Pizza House menu! Pizza, rolls, pasta, salads, burgers, desserts - no more arguing about the choice of cuisine! Red wine is also a great addition to a romantic dinner - order your favorite drinks and relax with your partner at Pizza House! And for those who don’t like wine, in our assortment you will find a bunch of delicious cocktails that will quench your thirst and will definitely please you and your partner!

An equally attractive option is to relax with your other half at home - in such moments, home delivery of pizza and rolls comes to the rescue. Have a romantic evening without even leaving home! Place your orders online and receive your favorite dishes in 30 minutes!

For those who know the exact time for which the goodies need to be delivered, they can place a pre-order and then the order will be delivered at the exact time and without delay. In addition, on holidays there are always more orders than usual, so placing a pre-order may be almost the only way to receive your order on Valentine's Day!

Also, don’t forget about gifts for your other half. Flowers and sweets, perfumes, valentines - it's all very nice, but rather banal. Coming up with a gift for this holiday is quite problematic, but we will be happy to help you with this! One of the universal gifts is a certificate - that is, a person will be able to choose what he needs or likes - and will not have to rack his brains over the gift.

Our network also offers to purchase certificates for 500 or 1000 UAH! A certificate for a cafe is an excellent gift option, because everyone needs to eat, and in moments when there is nothing tasty at home and you don’t want to cook at all - a certificate from Pizza House will make the day pleasant and tasty!

In general, Pizza House is not only a restaurant, but a real place designed for love and romance. With a wonderful atmosphere, exquisite cuisine and attentive service, you will have the opportunity to create unforgettable moments with your beloved man or woman while celebrating Valentine's Day at Pizza House.

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