Vacancies in Pizza House (Kyiv)



If you like pizza as much as we do, then we will be friends!

The Pizza House restaurant is constantly growing and developing. We want every Guest to be satisfied. We stand for speed, quality and a friendly atmosphere.

If you dream of working in service sector and making people around you happier, then you should come to us!

We invite you to the team:

- couriers on mopeds and cars (speed is about you) re

- walking couriers (who know all the secret streets)

- sushi maker (you know how to spin rolls)

- pizza maker (you know a lot recipes and all of them about pizza)

- universal chefs (if multitasking is about you)

- call-center operators (if your favorite activity is talking on the phone)

We offer:
• Flexible schedule 3/3
• Free study
• Stable salary
• Career path

Did you recognize yourself? Then we are waiting for you!

Contact the phone number (044) 50 100 50