Let's work together!
At Pizza House, it doesn't matter if you are the chef, or the waiter, the cleaner or the shift manager. Our team works on the basis of equality
and respectful attitude to each other, because each of us is an integral part of the whole system. Respect and mutual assistance are imperative
for each of our employees.
We guarantee you:
1) Career growth. Working at Pizza House, you can overcome the path from a waiter to a branch director.
2) Impartial and fair bosses. Our company listens not only to the comments of our guests, but also of our employees!
3) Training. We will help you become a professional in your field, all you need is inspiration and desire.
We invite you to the team:
- couriers on mopeds and cars (speed is about you)
- walking couriers (you know all the secret streets)
- sushi (you play roles and not only)
- pizza maker (you know a bunch of recipes - and everything about pizza)
- universal chefs (multitasking is about you)
- call center operators (if your favorite pastime is talking on the phone)
Did you recognize yourself? Then we are waiting for you!
Call (044) 50 100 50