Payment and shipping

Work schedule Kiev:

SUNDAY-THURSDAY - 10:00 to 24:00
FRIDAY-SATURDAY - from 10:00 to 02:00

Sale of alcohol Kiev:

Sun - Thurs from 10:00 to 22:30

Fri - Sat from 10:00 to 23:50

Delivery in Kiev FREE! *
* Free delivery in Kiev includes all areas except:

  •    Juliani - 30 UAH
  •    Korchuvate - 30 UAH
  •    plots Slavutych - 30 UAH
  •    Bortnychi - 30 UAH
  •    part Teremky - 30 UAH
  •    Brovary - 30 UAH
  •    village Troyeshchyna (partially Pukhovskaya street) -  30 UAH
  •    Sofiyska Borschagivka - 30 UAH
  •    Petropavlivska Borschagivka - 30 UAH

In areas Pirogovo, Feofania delivery is not carried out.

In connection with weather conditions, the possibility of delivery to a paid territory is specified by the operator.

Minimum order is 150 UAH

In and during the holidays the minimum order amount exact operators

From 22:00 until closing paid delivery 15 UAH

Phone Pizza delivery in Kiev:

0 800 60 10 60

Additional mobile numbers:


For comments and suggestions:


Pizzas are delivered in ThermaTote, it is guaranteed that you will get it hot in any weather!
Pizza and salads are prepared only after the receipt of your order.
Set menu of pizza weight of the crude product. Reducing the weight of the preparation is up to 15% by weight of the crude product.

Orders consisting only of drinks are not delivered.
Prices and exact time of delivery please specify when ordering.

Alcohol delivery is not performed in all areas of Kiev. The possibility of delivery check with the operator. Delivery of alcohol is carried out on Sunday - Thursday until 22:30, Friday-Saturday until 24:00.

Pizza House Company sells alcohol only to persons older 18 years!
Since July 1, 2015 norms of the Law on state regulation of production and turnover of alcohol products came into effect to Ukraine, as well as the Law number 71-VIII from 12/28/2014 about beer referring to alcoholic beverages.
In addition, this bill provides sellers of alcoholic drinks (including beer) with obligation to check documents of customers for their legal age and responsibility of trade and public catering establishments for sale of alcoholic beverages there to people under 18 years. If a seller has  doubt about the age of the customer, the seller may require the document where is written the date of birth.
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products with good quality are non-refundable
According to Article 22 of the ukranian Law "About protection of consumer rights" and the decree of Cabinet Ministers in Ukraine from 30.07.1996. №854 paragraph 28: "Alcoholic drinks with good quality are non-refundable" in case of lacks detection, falsification of alcoholic beverages,their  sales of poor quality, consumer has the right to demand from the business entity:

  • replacement for similar good with good quality;
  • replacement  for another goods, the brand with the corresponding transfer of the purchase price;
  • refund of finances;
  • damages caused to him in the manner prescribed by law.

Return process of the goods price  is made with  mandatory  customer’s demonstration:

  • identity document and the application form;
  • a check for the goods purchase



Dear Customers! Pizza House is launching a loyalty program: Bonus + when you order products from Pizza House with delivery! It is important that all shares are saved + you will get an additional 3% of order price to your bonus account  !!!
You can pay with bonus account using PrivatBank card on terminal, which a courier will bring for you with the order!

WebMoney is a system of current  Internet payments, it gives possibility to  pay for your orders in real time. The whole process takes a minimum of time: during the ordering process, you should select from the list of payment - WebMoney,  you will be redirected to payment page, all data is sent automatically. You have to log in and to confirm the payment  from your purse.
In addition to WebMoney speed and security of transactions, the system offers its users a wide range of complementary services. Among them are the custom services, that allow you to make payment for unregistered users WebMoney.

You can use the Visa payment card, VisaElectron or MasterCard everywhere in the world. WebMoney Transfer provides the ability to pay quickly and securely with credit card in every bank in the world. The payment system complies to the international PCI DSS. Payments are made instantly on site. If you choose this method of payment , please note that paying with the help of Visa / MasterCard, adds  3% of your order value.

* Payment for alcohol is made by cash

In case of incorrect / not coordinated on-line payment in advance with the operator , a refund is made within 5 banking days.