Payment and shipping

Schedule Kiev:

Every day from 10:00 to 24:00

Payment methods:
  • cash;
  • exit terminal;
  • cashless settlement for legal entities;
  • on-line on the site

    Orders with payment via the terminal are accepted until 23:00.
Sale of alcohol in Kiev:
The company Pizza House sells alcohol only to persons of 18 years!
Alcohol is not delivered to all districts of Kiev. The possibility of delivery check with the operator.
Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products of good quality are non-refundable.
*Delivery in Kiev for free!
*Payment for alcohol is made only by cash.
*We accept orders for alcohol until 23:30.
The minimum order amount is 199 UAH. 
Holidays may change the minimum order. 

Free delivery in Kiev applies to all areas except: *

Kiev districts Сost of delivery
Bohatyrska Street 100 UAH
Dniprovodska Street 100 UAH
Novosilky 100 UAH
Bortnychi 50 UAH
Vita-Lytovsʹka (Chapaevka) 50 UAH
Trukhaniv Island (to the pedestrian bridge) 50 UAH
private sector Osokorky 50 UAH
Pyrohiv 50 UAH
Feofaniya Park           50 UAH

* When ordering food on sum from 300 UAH shipping free.


We also deliver to:

Kyiv suburb Сost of delivery
Katerynivka 100 UAH
Hatne 100 UAH
Chabany 100 UAH
Khotiv 100 UAH
Brovary 100 UAH
Chaiky 100 UAH
Pushcha-Vodytsya 100 UAH
Vyshneve 100 UAH
Vyshhorod 100 UAH

Delivery in the "Osokorki-Dachi" area is limited.

Due to weather conditions, delivery times may vary.

Delivery to these delivery areas is carried out by prior agreement. Depending on the current load in the city of Kiev.

For the exact time and delivery conditions, as well as the availability of products, contact the operator at (044) 50 100 50

From 10:00 pm until closing, the delivery fee is 15 UAH.
Photos are promotional in nature and may differ slightly from the products delivered.
Orders are accepted only at minors.
Orders consisting only of drinks are not delivered.
The size and weight of the pizza may have a slight deviation of + -7% depending on the composition of the ingredients, which behave differently in the process of evaporation and baking.
Return of the cost of goods is made with the obligatory provision by the Client:
  • an identity document and a standard application;
  • purchase receipt.
In case of an erroneous / non-agreed in advance payment with an on-line operator, a refund is made within 5 banking days.

Dear Guests!

After 22:00, for new guests of the company who have placed an order for the first time, delivery is carried out only to the entrance. There will be no such restrictions on subsequent orders. Thank you for understanding!

In the case of ordering our products through other courier services and not directly through the Pizza House website, our company is not responsible for the time and quality of such delivery. Thank you for understanding.

Dear Customers! Thank you for choosing us! If you place an order in our company for the first time and the amount of your order is equal to or exceeds 1500 UAH. forced to ask you to make a partial or full payment of your order before sending it to the preparation. The amount of the prepayment can be from 20 to 100 percent of the value of your order. Prepayment can be made in any way convenient for you. The most convenient and optimal option is to pay on-line on our official website. With subsequent orders in our company, prepayment is no longer necessary. Thanks in advance for your understanding.