Company agreement

Privacy agreement

This agreement for processing, storing and protecting customer (user) data (later is referred to agreement) determines the procedure of handling customer data (users) that are voluntarily registered at the site (as well as through various mobile applications, programs, codes, links).

1. About the agreement.

By accepting this agreement, client (user) gives voluntary permission / consent to collection, storage and use of his data (including, but not limited to registration data, specified / updated / restored data, statistics data about preferences of the client (user ), technical data about the client’s (user’s) Internet provider, client’s (user’s) IP address, characteristics of the PC and software, which are used, data about uploaded and downloaded to the site files, etc.), in accordance with this agreement, Ukrainian law "About protection of consumers' rights", “About personal data protection”.

The agreement is valid from the moment of the client (user) registration at the website or at the time of taking telephone orders 0800 60 10 60; 044 50 100 50; 067 502 22 50; 050 428 18 88; 093 728 88 88.

* Information about the client (user), voluntarily placed by him in the general sections of the site during the filling out of registration forms and available to any other user of the site or information, that can be freely obtained from other publicly available sources, is not confidential.


2. The use of data about customer (user).

The information about the client (user) has limited access.

The purpose of processing client (user) data is: to ensure the implementation of administrative and legal relations, relations in the field of tax and accounting, advertising, and other relations in which data from customers (users) are used.

Collection, storage, use, processing, disclosure of information obtained by the site administration as a result of a client’s (user’s) visit to its sites and / or filling in registration forms, including personal data of clients (users), is carried out by the site administration in accordance with Ukrainian legislation. A person (customer or user) recognizes and provides consent to the collection and processing of their personal data by the site administration within the framework and with the purpose, stipulated by the terms of this privacy agreement in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

At the site can be collected, stored and used the following data:

• city of the client’s (user’s) location;

• e-mail address (e-mail);

• mobile or telephone (stationary) number of the client (user);

• other data, which was provided by the client (user) during filling out the registration form at the website

The client (user) agrees that the data, transmitted to them can be used to:

• notifications of the company where the order was made, about details of the order;

• providing services of order’s delivery;

• improvement of own services, site and advertising content;

• customer notifications of services, news and promotions via Viber, SMS, e-mails, mails, etc.

3. Disclosure of customer data (user).

Client (user) data may be provided to third persons in the following cases:

• obtained additional customer consent;

• provision of general information (statistical data, aggregated information), which does not contain personal information and which does not identify the client individually;

• providing information to law enforcement and other government agencies in response to their official request, regarding a criminal investigation or alleged unlawful activity.

4. Data protection.

Pizza House is committed to take appropriate security measures to protect against unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction of customer (user) data.

Access to the user's personal information is provided through an authorization system with a login and password. The client (user) undertakes to ensure the safety of the authorization data independently, not to disclose it to third persons. Any changes of personal information, which are made through authorization data, will be considered personally realized by the client (user).

The activity of the site administration is carried out in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Any claims, disputes, official appeals will be considered exclusively in the manner, prescribed by the legislation of Ukraine.