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Discounts and promotions

Special offer "Take it myself"

Order your favorite dishes with an additional 15% discount with self-delivering from our pizzerias! Does not apply to alcohol and promotional products.

Addresses of pizzerias:

St. Nyznij Wal, 37/20;
Ave Bazana, 14;
St. Borshchagovskaya, 152
St. Saperno-Slobodskaya, 8
St. Antonovich 48A

Every second pizza 40 - 50%, or one of three pizza 40 - for free !***
* pizza with the lower cost

**free of charge  is meant for 5 UAH

***Do it yourself pizza does not participate in the promotion

****The promotion operates on a permanent basis the Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Rolls. Super offer!

Every second roll -50%, or one of three rolls - for free!

* Roll with lower cost.
** free of charge  is meant for 5 UAH.
*** The offer is valid on a regular basis, except Thursday and Sunday.




Gift Certificates Pizza House

A pleasant surprise to relatives, colleagues, acquaintances for any holiday!
In the presence of certificates 250 UAH, 500 UAH, 1000 UAH.
The certificate allows you to place orders at Pizza House, as well as order a free shipping.

*This certificate does not apply to alcohol products


Loyalty program: Bonus +

Dear Customers! Pizza House is launching a loyalty program: Bonus + during the order of Pizza House production for delivery! It is important, that all the discounts are saved + you get an additional 1% of the order to your bonus account !!!
You can pay with the bonus account PrivatBank card using the terminal, which will bring for you a courier with the order!
Important: On the outbound terminal you can use bonus account Loyalty Bonus +, also the main account!
Payment for alcoholic beverages can be only in cash, in this case we give you a fiscal cheque.


Dear customers, we are always glad to see you at the pizzerias Pizza House!
With pizza always warmly welcome you! Please you with a welcoming atmosphere, delicious Italian and Japanese cuisine, surprise you with a variety of discounts.
About promotions, addresses and work regime of pizzerias you can find information  in the section "Pizzeria".

Terms of discounts

Discounts are not summed up.
Discounts do not include to alcohol and beer.
100%  of discount, or "for free" is meant the purchase for 5 UAH.
You can only use one word-password per order.


Master spring!



Every Tuesday and Wednesday we offer a 30% discount on any pizza from our menu.


* The promotion is valid only for delivery and self-service.

** Together with all stocks and other promotional offers of
the company, except for the main action and other discounts on pizza.

*** The discount does not apply to pizza supplements.



Japanese spring

Japanese spring

Discount 30% on all roles. 

* The promotion does not apply to the land and land of the network.
** No additional promotions or major promotions for the role of this day are valid.
*** All other shares and offers of the company that are not related
     to the roles are matched with this promotion.
**** The promotion applies only to delivery and self-service.
***** Effective during the day of every Thursday.

Tasty weekend

Delicious Weekend


25% discount on all orders.

The promotion does not apply to alcoholic beverages.

The remaining shares and discounts are not discounted at a discount of 25%.

You can use gift certificates, words, passwords, gift cards, if no gift is given
  in return for a gift.

The promotion is valid only for delivery and self-service. Act every Sunday
  during the day