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Discounts and promotions

!!! We give 5,5 kg of rolls !!!

!!! We give 5,5 kg of rolls !!!
Delicious raffle from Pizza House!
Subscribe to our Instagram page,
tag a friend with whom you will share a set
(more comments - a greater chance of winning),
like the last 3 posts - and that's it!
You are guaranteed to participate in the drawing of 4 Philadelphia sushi sets!
* 5.5 kg rolls mean 4 Philadelphia sushi chains.
** There will be 4 winners in total. Who will receive 1 sushi set each.
*** Results of the draw on 30.09.2021 using Random.


Great news!
Pizza House now has its own app,
where each of you can conveniently and quickly place an order,
both in the pizzeria hall and for delivery.
Download the app on Google Play or App Store
and be amazed at the ease of use and quality of service!
When registering, receive Caesar with chicken as a gift (for only 5 UAH),
and 3% bonuses from each order.
* 3% bonuses are calculated from each order in the hall,
for delivery and pickup. Bonuses are not accrued on alcoholic beverages.
** You can use bonuses to order in the hall, delivery,
or pickup only for non-promotional products!
Bonuses cannot be written off on Alcohol / Sushi chains!
*** 1 bonus = 1 UAH.


The most delicious promotion for all fans of Japanese cuisine -
buy any roll and get a second one with a 50% discount.
The promotion is valid from 14:00 to 17:00 every day!
It is valid for self-pickup and in the hall every day, regardless of the time of ordering!
* Acts on a roll with a lower cost.
** DOES NOT add up to other promotions on the roll.
*** Sushi Networks and Gunkan Sushi do NOT participate in the promotion.

Juicy, hearty and long-awaited novelty is already on the Pizza House menu
- burgers for every taste:
*PARTY burger with grilled chicken, with potato slices
and sauce for only 135 UAH.
*PARTY burger with pork , with potato slices
and sauce for only 155 UAH.
*PARTY burger with salmon steak, with potato slices
and sauce for only UAH 215 UAH.
*PARTY burger with juicy beef, with potato slices
and sauce for only 155 UAH.
Which one will you try first?

Pizza halves

When you want everything at once!
The cost of pizza halves is calculated by the formula:
(price I +  price II) / 2 + 20 UAH = pizza value
* you can order pizza from halves for delivery and self-pickup
ONLY by phone: 044 50 100 50
** You can taste pizza from halves in the hall,
order for delivery and self-pickup
*** sums up with other promotions for pizza

Obolon District Delivery


Pizza House has good news for all residents of Obolonskyi district!

 Delivery in the area from 30 minutes.

 That's not all! Very soon we will open a pizzeria for our guests

at ave. Heroes of Stalingrad, 24 A.

Follow the news and come to the opening!


Every second pizza is 45 UAH!

Now in Pizza House every second pizza for only 45 UAH.
Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy your favorite pizza today !!!
* The promotion is valid for an unlimited number of pizzas;
** Calzone, Mega-Combo and pizza additives are not eligible for the promotion.
*** Valid for lower value pizzas.
**** Valid for delivery, pickup and in the hall.
***** Not cumulative with other pizza promotions.


Special offer "Take away"

Order your favorite dishes with an additional 15%
discount with self-delivering from our pizzerias!
oes not apply to alcohol and promotional products.

Addresses of pizzerias:

Ave Poryka, 9
Ave Brovarskyi, 29A (m. Darnytsia)
Ave Bazana, 14;
St. Borshchagovskaya, 152
St. Saperno-Slobodskaya, 8
St, Pushkinska, 24 A
ave. Heroiv Stalinhrada, 24 А
St.  Onore de Bal`zaka street, 55 B


Master class

We cook pizza like real Italians or
arrange a Japanese day with Pizza House!
From now on, Pizza House has the opportunity to order
Children's Master Class at:
1. str. Saperno-Slobidska, 8 (050 358 21 43)
2. ave. Brovarsky, 29 A (Darnitsa) (093 263 79 66)
3. ave. Bazana, 14 (063 722 45 17)
Find out all the details by phone.
The cost of a Master Class on Pizza - 100 UAH / 1 person
The cost of the Master class on Rolls - 120 UAH / 1 person
Minimum number of participants: 6 people

Action for birthdays. We give a gift certificate for 500 UAH

Celebrate your birthday with Pizza House all week long!

We give a gift certificate for 500 UAH
when placing an order in the amount of 500 UAH
delivery, pickup or in the pizzeria hall.
* This certificate can be used in any of our
institution in the hall, or pickup.
** The certificate can be obtained when placing an order in the amount
of 500 UAH per delivery, pickup or in the pizzeria hall.
*** The certificate can be used with a minimum order for
the amount of UAH 300 excluding the cost of the certificate
(do not include alcohol in the minimum order amount).
Not cumulative with other company promotions.
*** The certificate can be used within a month.
**** The special offer for the birthday person is valid on his birthday
and within 6 days of the date of birth.
****** To get a certificate, you need to give a photocopy
a document confirming the date of birth of the hall administrator,
to the courier upon delivery or send a photo of the document to the operator
contact center on Telegram +380675022250.


Pizza "Cooking at home"

Does your child dream of being a real pizza maker?

We have prepared a real pizza set with detailed instructions -

your little chef can handle it with ease!



Such news is not written in the newspaper, but you should know!
Now in the establishments of Pizza House, at ave. Brovarskoy, 29A,
and st. Saperno-Slobodskaya, 8, you can play exciting board games.
Visit Pizza House with friends and enjoy delicious pizza and fun game.

10% cake discount

Pizza House collaborates with a young and
ambitious confectionery Smile Tasty Home.
Our friends develop unique recipes and
have their own production
of various delicacies on a natural basis. 
Give the password "Pizza House" and
get a 10% discount on ordering sweets.
Orders are accepted at least two days in advance.
+38 066 082 97 01 Anastasia (Viber/Telegram)

Gift Certificates Pizza House

A pleasant surprise to relatives, colleagues, friends for any holiday!

Available certificates 250 UAH, 500 UAH, 1000 UAH.

The certificate can be purchased at pizzerias of the Pizza House network

or ordered for delivery, subject to a minimum order,

without taking into account the cost of the certificate.

The certificate makes it possible to place an order in the pizzerias

of the Pizza House network, as well as order targeted delivery.


* This certificate does not apply to alcoholic beverages.



Dear customers, we are always glad to see you at the pizzerias Pizza House!
With pizza always warmly welcome you! Please you with a welcoming atmosphere, delicious Italian and Japanese cuisine, surprise you with a variety of discounts.
About promotions, addresses and work regime of pizzerias you can find information  in the section "Pizzeria".

Terms of discounts

Discounts are not summed up.
Discounts do not include to alcohol and beer.
100%  of discount, or "for free" is meant the purchase for 45 UAH.