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About Pizza House


We are glad to announce that Pizza House has received the Ukrainian People's Award and won in the nomination "Pizzeria Chain 2020"! Also in 2020, we confirmed the title of the best enterprise in the country and were once again awarded the "Quality Star!"

For us it is a great joy and at the same time a responsibility. These awards motivate you to work even better and strive for new achievements!

Friends, thank you for your support in voting.

Stay with Pizza House!











We cook pizza like real Italians or arrange a Japanese day with Pizza House!
From now on, Pizza House has the opportunity to order Children's Master Class at:
1. str. Saperno-Slobidska, 8 (050 358 21 43)
2. ave. Brovarsky, 29 A (Darnitsa) (093 263 79 66)
3. ave. Bazana, 14 (063 722 45 17)
Find out all the details by phone.
The cost of a Master Class on Pizza - 150 UAH / 1 person
The cost of the Master class on Rolls - 170 UAH / 1 person
Minimum number of participants: 6 people

The "Pizza House" company is looking for partners on mutualyy beneficial terms.

Write to us: [email protected]

PIZZA HOUSE is a sponsor of the All-Ukrainian Children's Football Festival "JUNIOR FOOTBALL FEST 2018"!

PIZZA HOUSE prepared tasty surprises for the young participants of the festival !!! We are sick together for small players.


  • Because - Pizza House Company most appreciates and loves his Customers!

  • Because - we are popular . True connoisseurs of pizza , sushi delivery service selected Pizza House.

  • Because - we experienced . We are 9 years old! We are time-tested - you can trust us .

  • Because - we are quick . We understand that you are already very hungry and in a hurry for you!

  • Because - we are delicious . Order from us - come back again and again.

  • Because - we are satiated. We have a lot of toppings on a pizza and roll.

  • Because - we have quality . We use real mozzarella, Nishiki Japanese rice , flour, only the highest grade , the famous Norwegian salmon, delicious bacon and salami, only fresh vegetables. And no soy !

  • Because - we are comfortable. Our couriers are always ready to surrender, and we have the ability to calculate through credit cards and electronic money system .

  • Because - we are responsible . Our manufacturing facilities are clean, technological, professional. Our chefs and sushisty put all his skill and love in each unit of production.

  • Because - we are reliable . Our work is time-tested, we have learned to recognize their mistakes and work to develop further. We value every customer and always fighting for it . We can entrust the organization of the table for my birthday on a special day for a holiday! We will not fail : will be delicious , fast, and fun !

  • Because - we are very grateful to our dear and beloved customers!


The most important and valuable and important in our work is our Clients .

Very important for us to know the opinion about product quality , speed and service. This we can only know from our Customers !

Our Clients teach us how to become better , they help us develop and improve.

These people pay their money and they expect that the food was tasty , and quick delivery . Try very hard , because they are our Customers !

Each Customer for us is a VIP person , so every order for our Client is urgent, with the best quality products and service!



Company «PIZZA HOUSE» works market pizza delivery in Kiev in 2008. For us it is very important, that you remain happy with the taste of our products and to pizza delivery was carried out for 60 minutes no matter where in the city you are.

We will try to make our menu had dishes for every taste. More than 25 kinds of pizza stuffed with rich and unique opportunity to create your own recipe for pizza . In addition, we offer delicious salads, hot dishes, desserts and beverages . Each dish is prepared only after receipt of the order , so we guarantee that the pizza and snacks will be delivered to you hot and salads - fresh and tasty.

At the same time the cost of meals in «PIZZA HOUSE» accessible to everyone. We also offer discounts and special offers for large orders . Pizza delivery - free of charge. Treat yourself , your family and friends a delicious hot pizza cooked by the best chefs and hand especially for you!

Order pizza you can make in any convenient way for you : online or by contacting our operator on the phone. Pizza Delivery in Kiev and Kharkov carried out within an hour ! We are confident that by ordering pizza «PIZZA HOUSE» once you become our regular Customers.