Vega menu

Fried rice with vegetables - photo
Consist: Rice, beans, soy sauce, Unagi sauce, green onion, sesame, onion, champignons, carrots, sweet pepper, care.
Fried rice with vegetables
200 g / 35 UAH
Potato fri - photo
Consist: Potato fri, ketchup (50 g), a drop of success.  
Potato fri
150 g / 37 UAH
Potato slices - photo
Consist: Potato slices, Barbeque sauce (50 g), home care.  
Potato slices
200 g / 39 UAH
Vegetable mix - photo
Consist: Lettuce, cucumbers, sweet peppers, tomatoes, blue onion, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, power of joy.
Vegetable mix
250 g / 45 UAH
Potatoes "Mr.Potato" - photo
Consist: Potatoes, onions, champignons, sweet pepper, tomato sauce, Tofu cheese, Peking cabbage, greenery, a little of harmony.
Potatoes "Mr.Potato"
250 g / 49 UAH
Fruit salad Malibu lean - photo
Consist: Oranges, kiwis, pineapples, peaches, fruit topping, walnuts, sweet memories.
Fruit salad Malibu lean
250 g / 59 UAH
Salad Chuka Sarada - photo
Consist: Chuka Seaweed, oranges, lettuce, sesame, walnut sauce (50 g), a little glamor.
Salad Chuka Sarada
120 g / 69 UAH
Sushi Chuka  - photo
Consist: Rice, Chuka seaweed, nori, sesame seeds, a little of tenderness.
Sushi Chuka
30 g / 14 UAH
Sushi Avocado - photo
Consist: Rice, avocado, Unagi sauce, sesame seeds, nori, peace of mind.
Sushi Avocado
30 g / 15 UAH
Roll Cucumber - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, cucumber, sesame, ordinary miracle.
Roll Cucumber
120 g / 29 UAH
Roll Avocado - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, avocado, sweet memories.
Roll Avocado
115 g / 39 UAH
Roll Chuka - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, seaweed Chuka, sesame, peace of mind.
Roll Chuka
115 g / 42 UAH
Roll Yasay jaki - photo
Consist: Rice, nori, lettuce, cucumber, sweet peppers, tomatoes, green onion, a drop of goodness.
Roll Yasay jaki
175 g / 52 UAH
Sushi-set Vega - photo
Consist: Roll Yasai jaki, roll Cucumber, roll Avocado, roll Chuka,sushi Avocado (2 pcs.) , sushi Chuka (2 pcs.). (30 pcs.)
Sushi-set Vega
655 g / 186 UAH
Pizza Vega - photo
Consist: Pizza sauce, Tofu cheese, champignons, tomatoes, beans, soy sauce, love and care.
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Pizza Vega
Ø30 / 665 g / 95 UAH Ø40 / 1115 g / 149 UAH
Pizza Vegetarian lean  - photo
Consist: Pizza sauce, Tofu cheese, champignons, tomatoes, sweet pepper, corn, onions, olives, greenery, sea of health.
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Pizza Vegetarian lean
Ø30 / 680 g / 110 UAH Ø40 / 985 g / 170 UAH