Udon and pasta: order udon and pasta in Kiev for home delivery - Pizza House

Rice noodles, chicken breast, onions, bell pepper, sauce Spice, cream, green onions, sesame.

Rice noodles with chicken - photo Rice noodles with chicken
250 g / 49 UAH

Rice noodles, onion, bell pepper, tomatoes, corn, green peas, sauce Spice, cream, green onions, sesame.

Rice noodles with vegetables - photo Rice noodles with vegetables
250 g / 39 UAH

Spaghetti, bell pepper, onion, ground beef, mushrooms, tomato sauce, Parmesan cheese.

Pasta Bolognese - photo Pasta Bolognese
300 g / 49 UAH

Spaghetti, mushrooms, chicken breast, leeks, cream sauce and basil (lettuce part not included)..

Fettuccini pasta with mushrooms - photo Fettuccini pasta with mushrooms
300 g / 55 UAH

Rice noodles, pork, green beans, tomatoes, sauce Spice, green onions, sesame.

Rice noodles with pork - photo Rice noodles with pork
250 g / 59 UAH

Spaghetti, bacon, egg, cream sauce, Parmesan cheese, Russian cheese, garlic, spices

Pasta Carbonara - photo Pasta Carbonara
300 g / 59 UAH

Rice noodles, shrimp, squid, octopus, mussels, sauce Spice, cream, green onions, sesame, lemon.

 Rice noodles with seafood - photo Rice noodles with seafood
250 g / 69 UAH

Spaghetti, mussels, calamari, shrimp, octopus, Parmesan cheese, Spice sauce.

Fettuccini pasta - photo Fettuccini pasta
300 g / 79 UAH