Sandwich Branded  - photo
Consist: Toast bread, salad Ice Berg, tomatoes, egg, sauce Caesar, a real joy.
Sandwich Branded
160 g / 45 UAH
Sandwich Ramses - photo
Consist: Toast bread, salad Ice Berg, tomatoes, cucumber, chicken breast, sauce Caesar, elixir of love.
Sandwich Ramses
145 g / 55 UAH
Sandwich with chicken - photo
Consist: Toast bread, salad Ice Berg, cucumber, chicken breast, mayonnaise, tenderness and care.
Sandwich with chicken
140 g / 55 UAH
Japanese sandwich - photo
Consist: Salmon, avocado, Japanese rice, nori, sesame, cream cheese, Unagi sauce, tempura, ordinary miracle.
Japanese sandwich
190 g / 99 UAH
Владимир Харимов

Заказывал здесь японский сендвич. Доставили очень быстро. Думал, что ошибся в выборе, но после первого скушанного куска, сказал сам себе-вау!


Очень люблю хэнд роллы, особенно, с лососем! Очень рада, что доставка роллов, всегда осуществляется достаточно быстро! Качество - безупречное!


Ранее заказывал пиццу, решил разнообразить и взять на семью, несколько сендвичей Рамзес. Семья осталась довольна, да и мне они пришлись по вкусу. Главное не пришлось долго ждать

Олег Чхан

Очень часто у вас заказываем еду, но в особенности понравился Японский и Норвежский сэндвичи, спасибо!

Which sandwiches exist?

However sandwiches are often referred to fast food, sandwiches from the "Pizza House" - is a really self-nourishing dish, that is quite possible to eat instead of lunch or to feed up the guests who came unexpectedly. There are types of sandwiches:

1. "The Club" sandwiches. That typical American snack has been widely spread and show yourself as diagonally cut sandwich. As a result - an unusual triangular shape and replacing to traditional boring sandwiches. In "Pizza House" add juicy slices of smoked chicken, sturgeon pork, fresh vegetables and season all this with spicy garlic sauce to these sandwiches.
2. Branded sandwiches. This certainly will be the biggest and the most satisfying  sandwich, chef works for that special composition. Branded sandwiches in the menu "Pizza House" are indeed  highly seductive and freshly combined baked  bread, fried eggs and  ripe tomatoes, seasoned with sauce "Caesar" and crispy lettuce. This appetizer can be a substitute for a breakfast and recharge your energy for the day!
The sandwiches traditionally include the taste of meat, vegetables, seafood, ham and cheese. From simple sandwich you can cook a wonderful dessert, simply by adding natural fruit jam, chocolate, sweet creamy curds , honey or condensed milk between  two pieces of toast,  -to sum up, all sweets which are near hand.

Do you live in Kiev? Order a sandwich at "Pizza House"!
Sandwiches - is a food for lazy people, because they are cooked quickly and easily. But if you simply do not have time, like the graph, who invented them, simply order a free delivery of this delicious snack at the company's website "Pizza House".
Sandwiches make our lives easier: they are nutritious and useful, and it is easy to take with you for a walk or to office – to rest and to have a snack.