Sushi-rolls delivery in Kyiv by Pizza House

Rice, nori, cucumber, sesame seeds.

Roll Cucumber - photo Roll Cucumber
110 g / 29 UAH

Rice, nori, avocado.

Roll Avocado - photo Roll Avocado
110 g / 35 UAH

Rice, nori, cucumber, bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame seeds.

Roll Tokay - photo Roll Tokay
170 g / 39 UAH

Rice, nori, shiitake mushrooms, green onions, cheese Tofu, dill.

Roll Shiitake - photo Roll Shiitake
150 g / 42 UAH

Rice, nori, cream cheese, red caviar.

Roll Ikura - photo Roll Ikura
125 g / 50 UAH

Rice, nori, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, lettuce leaves, Japanese mayonnaise, dill.

Roll Yasai roru - photo Roll Yasai roru
180 g / 50 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon.

Roll Salmon - photo Roll Salmon
110 g / 57 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon and cucumber.

Roll Yin-Yang - photo Roll Yin-Yang
170 g / 62 UAH

Rice, nori, "snow crab", cucumber, avocado, Japanese mayonnaise, masago.

Roll California with tobiko - photo Roll California with tobiko
185 g / 65 UAH

Rice, nori, "snow crab", Japanese mayonnaise, cucumber, avocado, sesame.

RRoll California with sesame - photo RRoll California with sesame
185 g / 65 UAH

Rice, nori, masago, cream cheese, "snow crab", avocado, sesame.

Roll Kagava - photo Roll Kagava
200 g / 65 UAH

Rice, nori, cream cheese, "snow crab", avocado, tuna flakes.

Roll Kioto - photo Roll Kioto
175 g / 67 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, avocado, Japanese mayonnaise.

Roll Inari - photo Roll Inari
130 g / 69 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, avocado, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame.

Roll Alaska - photo Roll Alaska
185 g / 69 UAH

Rice, nori, tuna.

Roll Tuna - photo Roll Tuna
110 g / 69 UAH

Rice, nori, lettuce leaves, green onions, smoked salmon, cucumber, cream cheese.

Roll Syake Kunsey - photo Roll Syake Kunsey
210 g / 75 UAH

Rice, nori, smoked eel, cucumber, sesame, Unagi sauce.

Roll Unagi - photo Roll Unagi
130 g / 75 UAH

Rice, nori, avocado, cream cheese, sea bass, "snow crab".

Roll Okinava - photo Roll Okinava
195 g / 77 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, masago, Japanese mayonnaise, Japanese omelet.

Roll Miyagi - photo Roll Miyagi
225 g / 79 UAH

Rice, nori, shrimp, cream cheese, lettuce leaves, masago.

Roll Tohoku - photo Roll Tohoku
190 g / 69 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, dill.

Roll Yanzy - photo Roll Yanzy
190 g / 79 UAH

Rice, nori, cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, masago.

Roll Kunsey in tobiko - photo Roll Kunsey in tobiko
190 g / 79 UAH

Rice, nori, cream cheese, cucumber,  salmon.

Roll Philadelphia with salmon - photo Roll Philadelphia with salmon
200 g / 85 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, avocado.

Roll Santa Fe - photo Roll Santa Fe
200 g / 85 UAH

Rice, nori, sea bass, cucumber, cream  cheese, avocado, smoked salmon.

Osaka roll - photo Osaka roll
200 g / 85 UAH

Rice, nori, "snow crab", avocado, masago, salmon.

Hokkaido roll - photo Hokkaido roll
190 g / 89 UAH

Rice, nori, smoked eel, seaweed Chuka, avocado, Japanese mayonnaise.

Roll Uramaki with eel  - photo Roll Uramaki with eel
200 g / 87 UAH

Rice, nori, smoked eel, cream cheese, avocado, masago.

Roll Philadelphia with eel - photo Roll Philadelphia with eel
190 g / 89 UAH

Rice, nori, smoked eel, cucumber, masago, Japanese mayonnaise, sesame.

Roll California with eel - photo Roll California with eel
190 g / 89 UAH

Rice, smoked eel, salmon, cucumber, masago, nori, Japanese mayonnaise, Japanese omelet.

Roll Las Vegas - photo Roll Las Vegas
230 g / 95 UAH

Rice, nori, sea bass, salmon, tuna, "snow crab", green onions, lettuce.

Tai Roll - photo Tai Roll
210 g / 97 UAH

The Pizza House is an experienced pizzeria offering pizza, rolls and other food items for the last six years, providing delicious, freshly cooked pizzas and convenient rolls in Ukraine with the most authentic ingredients to provide quality culinary creations.

At the Pizza House a treat can be found for even the most particular palate as our menu boasts over thirty different kinds of pizza and rolls such as the hit sensation California roll with tobiko. The menu also has an assortment of salads, calzones, lunch meal combinations, scrumptious sandwiches, healthy meals for children, alcoholic beverages for adults, snacks and various rolls.

Delicious rolls for affordable prices

Osaka roll - Pizza House

Our chefs are very daring with the combination of ingredients in our:

  • euro rolls;
  • spice rolls;
  • hot rolls;
  • chef rolls;
  • Asian influenced seafood rolls;
  • vegetable rolls.

We strongly recommend exotic rolls such as the Philadelphia roll made of rice, rich cream cheese, cucumber and tasty salmon or the filling euro spice roll stuffed with bacon, bread and potatoes with cool cucumber and mustard. A meat free delight may be found in the shiitake mushroom roll which also contains rice, tofu, green onions and dill. Try the chef rolls such as the sensational Thai roll which is rice, smoked eel, red tobiko, crab meat, fresh avocado pear and unagi sauce wrapped in nori or you can have an easy bite wit the spice crab roll made of smoky chicken breast, snow crab, cool cucumber, spicy sauce, sesame and rice wrapped in nori.

Fast delivery of Japanese cuisine

Our friendly and professional staff work diligently and creatively so you can enjoy your meals from Pizza House. From our friendly and cheerful telephone operator to the smiling chefs who take the highest interest in crafting lovely recipes, the staff works assiduously from ten o'clock am to twelve o'clock am (24:00) on Sunday to Thursday and ten o'clock am to two o'clock pm from Friday to Saturday to ensure that customers are able to enjoy the highest quality of food service in Kiev.

Cooking is done as efficiently as possible and delivery in Kiev is free except in Juliani where it costs 30 UAH, Korchevatoe, plots Slavutych, Rusanovskoye Gardens and Bortnychi where it costs 20 UAH. The food is made to order and only items coming to a minimum sum of 80 UAH will be delivered and from ten o'clock pm (22:00) to closing time a fee of ten percent will be added to your bill.