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Rice, nori, Japanese omelet, cucumber, masago, avocado, sauce Unagi, sesame, lemon.

Green Dragon - photo Green Dragon
245 g / 69 UAH

Rice, nori, cucumbers, Bell pepper, green onions, squid, red caviar, sauce Spice, lemon.

Snow dragon - photo Snow dragon
200 g / 79 UAH

Rice, nori, cream cheese, salmon, bell pepper, sauce Spice, tempura, lemon.

Hot dragon - photo Hot dragon
205 g / 85 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, cucumber, masago.

Roll-n-roll - photo Roll-n-roll
300 g / 85 UAH

Rice, nori, masago, fennel, prawn, cream cheese.

Roll Higo - photo Roll Higo
185 g / 92 UAH

Rice, nori, smoked eel, Japanese mayonnaise, cucumber, masago, sauce Unagi, sesame, lemon.

Golden dragon - photo Golden dragon
200 g / 99 UAH

Rice, nori, cream cheese , cucumber,  salmon, grouper, tuna, lemon.

Rainbow dragon - photo Rainbow dragon
215 g / 105 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, red caviar.

Fuji roll - photo Fuji roll
200 g / 109 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, cucumber, cream cheese, tuna..

DeLuxe - photo DeLuxe
195 g / 109 UAH

Rice, nori, smoked eel, cream cheese, sesame seeds, masago, avocado, "snow crab", sauce Unagi.

Thai roll - photo Thai roll
215 g / 109 UAH

Rice, nori, sauce spice, smoked eel, cucumber, tobiko red(masago), salmon, Japanese mayonnaise, lemon.

Spice dragon NEW - photo Spice dragon NEW
215 g / 115 UAH

Rice, nori, cream cheese, cucumber, smoked salmon, prawn, lemon.

Tiger dragon - photo Tiger dragon
210 g / 119 UAH

Rice, nori, salmon, avocado, smoked eel, masago, cream cheese, sesame,  sauce Unagi.

Roll from the Chef - photo Roll from the Chef
210 g / 119 UAH

Sushi comes in many different flavors comprised of fish, seafood, meat, vegetables or tropical fruits. The popular Japanese dish is quite fascinating with the way the ingredients are creatively blended together in attractive, colorful rolls. Every sushi is delicious with its own unique taste, but the best rolls in Kiev can only be found right here at Pizza House!

Pizza House Chef Rolls
Want some classic sushi or an exciting meal with a bit of spice? Need something presentable for your private party, office lunch, or corporate event? We have exactly what you are looking for. Our chef rolls are bound to meet every preference and sushi lover's unique standards. Choose from our beautifully-made sushi rolls that never fail to make a great impression and satisfy Japanese food cravings:

Green Dragon;
Snow Dragon;
Hot Dragon;
Roll Higo;
Golden Dragon;
Fuji Roll;
Rainbow Dragon;
Tiger Dragon;
Thai Roll;
Roll From The Chef;
Spice Dragon.

You haven't experienced the best rolls yet if you haven't tried any of our premium sushi. Order the Pizza House chef special today and taste the difference!