Baked potato, salad Olivie, Pepsi/Mirinda/7-up 0.5 l. Save - 10 UAH.


 Business lunch № 1 - photo Business lunch № 1
550 g / 95 uah

Pumpkin cream soup, rice noodles with vegetables, salad Сaprese. Save - 10 UAH.

 Business lunch №2 - photo Business lunch №2
750 g / 95 uah
Soup with beef, fried rice with egg, fried tofu, Pepsi/Mirinda/7-up 0.5 l. Save - 12 UAH.


Business lunch №3 - photo Business lunch №3
600 g / 115 uah
Miso soup with chicken, roll Tokai, Sushi Chuka, sushi Izumiday, Pepsi/Mirinda/7-up 0.5 l. Save - 12 UAH.


 Business lunch № 4 - photo Business lunch № 4
480 g / 115 uah

Potato wedges, chicken wings / sauce, salad Halsey, Pepsi/Mirinda/7-up 0,5 l. Save - 12 UAH.

 Business lunch № 5 - photo Business lunch № 5
750 g / 129 uah

Baked potatos, Greek salad, Pepsi/Mirinda/7-up 1 l. Save - 13 UAH.

Business lunch № 6 - photo Business lunch № 6
600 g / 115 uah

Miso soup, fried rice with egg, mini roll Yasai roru, sweet roll Taste of childhood. Save - 13 UAH.

 Business lunch № 7 - photo Business lunch № 7
750 g / 126 uah

Miso soup with chicken, roll Varron, Temari with salmon (2 pcs.) Onigiri with mussels (2 pcs.). Save - 13 UAH.

 Business lunch № 10 - photo Business lunch № 10
530 g / 132 uah

Miso soup, roll Yasai roru, rice noodles with chicken. Save - 17 UAH.

 Business lunch № 9 - photo Business lunch № 9
680 g / 118 uah

Miso soup, roll the Yangtze, salad Chuka Sarada. Save - 16 UAH.

 Business lunch № 10 - photo Business lunch № 10
560 g / 159 uah

Nothing is more bothering than having no idea about what to get for lunch. You can cook and bring your own dish at your lunch box. But, when the lunch time comes, you suddenly lose your appetite. It happens most of the time, because what you are about to have for lunch is already cold. Then it is much better to order popular foods with outstanding taste like pizza, pasta dishes, rice noodles and so forth through finding the best lunch delivery service from Pizza House.

Variety of food choices

Business lunch - Pizza House

This is the major concern of Pizza House. For years, it has catered the demands of extraordinary dishes:

  • pizza;
  • sushi;
  • sandwiches;
  • snacks;
  • salads;
  • rice recipes;
  • endless scrumptious menus for everyone.

Unlike other common pizza restaurants, Pizza House has a massive array of pizzas from branded pizza and DIY pizza, as well as several kinds of sushi recipes like sushi balls, rolls, spice, etc.

Of course, those are only to name a few of the overall menus that everyone throughout Kiev and Kharkiv can order from Pizza House. There are also special menus for kids, which are listed on children’s meals, lenten menu, rice dishes and noodles and the list is endless, including lunch menus.

Tasty, fresh and hot meals

There is always a high demand of pizzas or other menus delivery from Kiev residents. They know for sure that they will get the most delectable servings that no other similar restaurant can offer. The best thing about Pizza house is its hot delivery menus, in which they are delivered within ThermaTote. Buyers should not worry about receiving cold foods. Besides, all of those menus, including pizza and salads are made directly after buyers place their orders. 

With all those benefits, there should be no doubt in ordering the best foods in Kiev at Pizza House. You can save much of your time and money, while enjoying your palatable lunch menus with your friends, without worrying about the taste.