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Sushi sets

Roll Ikura, roll California, sushi Syake, sushi Unagi, sushi Ebi, sushi Chuka, sushi Tobiko (19 pieces). Save -22 UAH.

Wasabi Set - photo Wasabi Set
460 g / 227 UAH

Unagi roll, Ikura roll, roll California with tobiko, sushi Ikura, sushi Tobiko RED, sushi Capa salmon.(23 pieces) Save-45 UAH

Fiesta Set - photo Fiesta Set
545 g / 233 UAH

Spice roll Dragon, roll Syake Kunsey, sushi Capa squid, sushi Unagi, sushi Ebi, sushi Tobiko  (20 pieces). Save - 32 UAH.

Nigiri Set - photo Nigiri Set
515 g / 247 UAH

Roll Philadelphia with eel, Roll Avocado, roll Salmon, sushi Syake (2 pieces), sushi Maguro (2 pieces), sushi Unagi (2 pieces). (26 pieces) Save- 35 UAH.

Chikari Set - photo Chikari Set
590 g / 336 UAH

Rolls: Yanzy, Roll from the Chef, Hokkaido, Osaka, Spice Crab, Philadelphia with eel, Salmon, Cucumber, Tuna, Unagi. (72 pieces) Save- 119 UAH.

Niagara Set - photo Niagara Set
1620 g / 628 UAH

Have you ever wanted to try sushi but not really sure where to start? New to exploring the Japanese dish and wondering what you might like? Maybe you're a fan of sushi, but simply can't choose among the delicious sushi rolls? Then a Pizza House sushi set is perfect for you!

Our Sushi Sets
Meals become more interesting with some of our most delicious rolls and sushi flavors in one appetizing set. Your options are:

  • Wasabi Set - Roll Ikura and California rolls; Sushi Syake, Unagi, Ebi, Chuka, and Tobiko;
  • Fiesta Set - Roll Unagi, Ikura, and California with Tobiko; Sushi Ikura, Tobiko RED, and Capa Salmon;
  • Nigiri Set - Dragon spice roll, Syake Kunsey roll; Sushi Capa squid, Unagi, Ebi, and Tobiko;
  • Chikari Set - Roll Philadelphia with Eel, Avocado, Salmon; Sushi Syake, Maguro, and Unagi;
  • Niagara Set - Roll Yanzy, Hokkaido, Osaka, Spice Crab, Philadelphia with Eel, Salmon, Cucumber, Tuna, Unagi, and Roll from the Chef.

Pizza House sushi platter deliveries are great for homes and offices throughout Kiev, private parties and corporate gatherings. Serve your guests with an affordable, creative sushi set presenting an assortment of flavors and bright colors. Enjoy the convenience of placing your order online and receiving it right on time!