Sushi-set Vega  in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Roll Yasai jaki, roll Cucumber, roll Avocado, roll Chuka,sushi Avocado (2 pcs.) , sushi Chuka (2 pcs.). (30 pcs.)
Sushi-set Vega
655 g / 234 UAH
Sushi-set Fiesta  in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Roll Unagi, roll Ikura, roll California in masaho, sushi Ikura, sushi Masaho, sushi Unagi. (23 pcs.).
Sushi-set Fiesta
570 g / 283 UAH
Sushi-set Dragon in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Dragons: Gold, Red, Snowy, Green. (32 pcs.)
Sushi-set Dragon
830 g / 290 UAH
Sushi-set Duet  in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Philadelphia classic, Canada roll, Sushi Sake * 2 pcs., sushi Unagi * 2 pcs. (20 pcs.)
Sushi-set Duet
565 g / 319 UAH
Sushi-set Philadelphia  in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Rolls: Philadelphia with salmon, Philadelphia with ginger, Philadelphia with masaho, Philadelphia with eel. (32 pcs.)
Sushi-set Philadelphia
845 g / 347 UAH
Sushi-set Niagara  in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Rolls: Yasay cream, Canada, Hokkaido, Philadelphia with ginger, Amaya, Alaska night, Salmon, Tuna, Unagi, Koons in masaho, Santa Fe, Cucumber (88 pcs.)
Sushi-set Niagara
2155 g / 807 UAH
Владимир Кравченко

Спасибо большое! Сервис на высоком уровне, доставка - точно по времени. Молодцы!

Инна Пшенишная

Добрый день, если я закажу 2 сеты? 3-й будет в подарок? Заранее спасибо.

Sushi sets for friendly company!

Sushi set – is an assortment of different types of rolls and sushi. This is a great choice for large group of friends. Appetizing sushi sets will please everybody, everyone will be able to enjoy their favorite delicacies and  to try new ones. And it is incredibly economical!

Advantages of sushi-sets
The idea of a large number of delicious Japanese specialties in front of you, makes you to run to phone and to order a couple of sushi-sets. But they have a few features that distinguish this dish among others:
1. You do not need to leaf through the menu and to feel bad because of a large variety of sushi: These sets include several species that satisfy all needs;
2.They will be ideal for a large group of friends or family: a lot of people are able to enjoy Japanese cuisine at the same time;
3. Order-sets of sushi rolls and exchange different rolls in the circle of friends - try favorite types of each other;
Sushi assortment brings a profitable saving: a set will be cheaper than the same species separately, and its value can be divided to several people.

Arrange a feast and order a sushi set!
Sushi sets are really tasty and profitable. Why not to collect a lot of friends, loved ones and to organize a fun sushi party?  Visit website "Pizza House" – here you can order a platter of the most popular and delicious rolls and to have a drink at the same time. And more:
• our chef after reception of the order immediately  start its preparation;
•  you do not have to wait a long time  - a fast delivery in one moment bring the goodies to your little holiday and feed the whole company!
Do you want all at once? Order a sushi set and enjoy!