Cake Truffle in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Cake Truffle.
Cake Truffle
140 g / 39 UAH
Cake Budapest in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Cake Budapest.
Cake Budapest
125 g / 39 UAH
Cake Cheesecake New York in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Cake Cheesecake New York.
Cake Cheesecake New York
125 g / 39 UAH
Fruit salad Malibu in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Oranges, kiwis, pineapples, peaches, cream, mint, chocolate and strawberry topping, walnuts, sweet memories.
Fruit salad Malibu
250 g / 59 UAH
Sweet roll Nut boom in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Cream cheese, coconut flackes, nuts: walnuts and cedarnuts in chocolate pancakes, chocolate topping, mint, good thoughts.
Sweet roll Nut boom
205 g / 59 UAH
Sweet roll Candied roasted nuts in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Cream cheese, prunes, raisins, walnut in pink pancake, mint, chocolate topping, drop of goodness.
Sweet roll Candied roasted nuts
205 g / 45 UAH
Sweet roll Exotic  in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Cream cheese, kiwis, bananas, pineapple in pancake, strawberry topping, mint, a little of love.
Sweet roll Exotic
205 g / 42 UAH
Sweet roll Chocolate boom in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Chocolate cream cheese, bananas, walnut into chocolate cake, chocolate topping, mint, sense of humor.
Sweet roll Chocolate boom
205 g / 55 UAH
Sweet pizza with apples in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Sweet pizza with apples, Mozzarella cheese, cinnamon, coolness of the garden.
Sweet pizza with apples
830 g / 95 UAH
Sweet pizza with bananas in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Sweet pizza with bananas, cheese Mozzarella, fruit topping, harmony.
Sweet pizza with bananas
730 g / 99 UAH
Sweet pizza Exotic in Kharkov  - photo
Consist: Sweet pizza with bananas, kiwis, pineapples, peaches, Mozzarella cheese,real pleasure.
Sweet pizza Exotic
730 g / 109 UAH
Лёшка Рягузов

Замовляв сьогодні тістечко "Чизкейк Нью-Йорк". Ну дуже смачне. Нам з дівчиною неймовірно сподобалось, будемо замовляти тут постійно. Трохи за висока ціна, але тістечко того варте.

Olga Kovaleva

Очень понравился сервис - пица в офис (заказали 3 пицы - Охотничья, Пиканте, Студенческая). Все три были очень вкусными и приемлемой цене, доставка была даже раньше на 15 мин., но мы и так не могли дождаться, спасибо огромное за все!

Katerina Glushak

Пробовала тирамису в разных заведениях, но здесь оно просто бесподобно, очень нежный вкус, прямо тает во рту. Порадовала и быстрая доставка.

Сергей Карпухин

Заказывал у вас пирог экзотик. Доставили очень быстро, а по вкусовым качествам-пирог был бесподобен.

Геннадий Ланин

Заказывал пиццу "Фантазия вкуса" и десерт мороженое "Тортуфо".Мороженое оказалось на удивление вкусным: изысканный вкус фундука и крем "Забайон".

Assortment of desserts in "Pizza House"

Chefs of  "Pizza House" company know that after a piece of spicy pizza or a portion of sushi there comes a wish to try something sweet and offer varied and interesting selection of desserts:

  • Sweet rolls. Yes, indeed, nowadays familiar for us combination of seafood and Japanese culinary traditions become a true sweet treat. It is very difficult to refuse from gentle cheese mass with the addition of chocolate and fresh juicy kiwi, bananas, pineapples ,generously flavored with caramel, strawberry topping and whipped cream!
  • Absolutely amazing pies. Great pastries with fresh fruits and with unexpected ingredient - cheese "Mozzarella" - a real peak of culinary art. Apple pie with juicy apples and fragrant cinnamon is  just like from my childhood!

Give yourself a pleasure - order desserts at the "Pizza House"!
To treat yourself and your loved with unusualy and delicious sweets, today is not necessarily to be busy  in the kitchen for a long time.You can simply call to operators of delivery network "Pizza House" or go to website and in an hour to relax with a cup of tea enjoying  light, airy and pleasant treats for your taste.