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Super Offer Pizza House


Dear customers! Great promotion for you!

Every 2nd pizza  -50%,  each third pizza  - for free!*

*pizza with a lower cost.


Every 2nd roll - 50%, each third roll - for free!*
*roll with a lower cost.

Loyalty program: Bonus +

Theme days at Pizza House!


Monday - Day of soup ("Pumkin cream soup", "Pumpkin cream soup with chicken",  "Chicken noodle soup", "Mushroom soup",  "Miso soup"  - 27 UAH)
Tuesday - Day of sandwiches (sandwiches "Ramses" , "Naples", "Tutankhamun", "With chicken" - 25 UAH)
Wednesday - Chicken Day ("Chicken kebab" and "Chicken wings Mexico" -  39 UAH)
Thursday - Day of Thai dishes ("Rice noodles with vegetables" - 29 UAH, "Rice noodles with chicken" - 39 UAH, "Rice noodles with seafood" - 55 UAH, "Rice noodles with pork" - 45 UAH)
Friday - Day desserts (sweet rolls - 35 UAH, pies - 85 UAH)
Saturday - Cheese Day (supplement of any kind of cheese - 15 UAH)
Sunday - Day of salads (salads "Winter", "Haisey" - 20 UAH)

Special offer for birthdays

Celebrate with Pizza House your birthday a week!
Each birthday we give 10% discount on all menu! *
To participate, you need to join our group Vk or Facebook and click "Share with Friends."
* The discount is valid on the day of birth and 6 days after.
**To use the action you need to provide proof of date of birth, the courier upon delivery or administrator in a pizzeria (in addition to the permanent discounts and discounts for users of VKontakte and Facebook).

Benefits for those who registered on Facebook or on VK


Следите за появлением новых конкурсов в наших пабликах  Facebook и ВКонтакте: и*
Принимайте участие.
Выигрывайте вкусные призы. 
* ВКонтакте в "Обсуждениях"   Facebook в "Заметках"
Anyone who is in the group of Pizza House Vk or Facebook:
Take orders worth 99 USD. and get an extra 10%! *
* You need to join our group and press the "share with friends"
*** Special offer not valid in holidays.

Loyalty Program Pizza House

Dearour customers, we are eternally grateful to each of you that you are with us!

Thank you for what you enjoy our products and we have so many customers, whom we love, appreciate and value each of you!

And to please you even more, we offer you this discount system:

After the tenth order in our company, you will have a permanent 10% discount.


Gift Certificates

Certificate denomination of 250 UAH
Certificate denomination of 500 UAH
Certificate denomination of 1000 UAH
Surprise your friends and famaly!


Pizzerias «Pizza House» is always pleased to meet you!
Will appreciate the cozy atmosphere and delicious Italian and Japanese cuisine.
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Terms of discounts.

Discounts are not cumulative.
Discounts do not apply to spirits and beer